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$59, Vintage Cellars, Seven Seasons Green Ant Gin 500mL, was $65

2022.01.23 03:18 OzBargainBot $59, Vintage Cellars, Seven Seasons Green Ant Gin 500mL, was $65

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2022.01.23 03:18 bionicmook Very unfortunate scar. Please help. I’m desperate.

A few weeks ago I fainted, hit my face, and it forced my front teeth to bite down on my bottom lip. I was hopeful the scar wouldn’t be bad, because the wound was deep, but not thick at all, but the scar looks awful. I feel atrocious. I’m not a particularly shallow person, and I don’t wear a lot of make up. Literally the only makeup I wear is my signature red lipstick. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it anymore, and that kills me. I know that sounds so incredibly stupid, but I just don’t feel like me without it. I feel wrong without it and damaged when I look in a mirror. Also, the scar looks like a giant cold sore or some weird infection. It’s embarrassing. I normally don’t care about scars. I am extremely covered in scars, far more than the average person, and I’ve never tried to hide them or cared about their existence. But my mouth has always been my favorite feature I possess because it’s always been kind of unique looking, and it’s just something about myself I’ve always loved. I’m really devastated this scar has mangled my face. I’ve been using OTC Mederma a little bit. I don’t think that’s going to cut it. Please, if anyone has any advice, I am desperate, and I would deeply appreciate any help you guys can give. Here’s a photo:
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2022.01.23 03:18 AdministrativeNews93 Half of 7-Elevens in Japan to start selling 100-yen Daiso products this month

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2022.01.23 03:18 Thenamessd Artificial Nightmares : God King Darius || Pytti VQGAN AI Art Video [4K 60 FPS]

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2022.01.23 03:18 revengemotivated how do I get higher on blow? Like how do I make the most of it

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2022.01.23 03:18 Vladimir_Didi Does knowing you have Aphantasia cause you distress?

It was only when I realised things were different for me (compared to my friends, family) that I started to find it upsetting but perhaps others aren't distressed about it at all.
View Poll
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2022.01.23 03:18 thekid1420 For all the Persians out there. "Noosheh Jaan" (explaination in comments for everyone else)

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2022.01.23 03:18 Marilize_Legajuanaa [WIP] dammit. OH MY GOD. My greatest fear 😩😩😩. I’m leaving it just as it is & I don’t care to rip out everything to the right and do that again!!

[WIP] dammit. OH MY GOD. My greatest fear 😩😩😩. I’m leaving it just as it is & I don’t care to rip out everything to the right and do that again!! submitted by Marilize_Legajuanaa to CrossStitch [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 03:18 Momentarypeace Discord chats!

Come have a chat on discord love meeting new people and learning all about them
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2022.01.23 03:18 disney_fan123 Opinions on how to improve Epic Tuesday... Miner for 40000 coins

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2022.01.23 03:18 Hotep_0987 [Dual Element Concept] Varka, the Ashborne

My Reddit-fu is supremely weak so formatting might be weird until fixed. Last time I posted here I had to double-enter to line break. Once the formatting is acceptable I'll edit this part out, maybe.
“I used to wonder why I received another Vision—Dendro, of all things. After all, I’ve made a lot of questionable choices over the years, still do… but, I suppose I do learn from them. If not for me, then for them.”
Most citizens of Mondstadt see the current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius as the type of person who’d laugh off their concerns at the nearby lake going up in a steam explosion, saying he’ll go check it out—and help Klee hide the evidence of fish-blasting (even eat it, if he has to. Really, he doesn't want to eat it. What's the oil on his face? Don't worry about it!).
Even his fellow knights would see him working long nights and think he’s one of the most dependable people in the nation—and he is, he’s just putting in overtime because he managed to trick Jean into giving him her workload (this time) so that she won’t be exhausted enough to remember to make time to visit her estranged sister (he wishes he could still see his own daughters).
None of the surrounding towns or villages pat an eye at goofball Ticklegrass wandering off into Wolvendom for the Xth time that month, probably just paying respects to Boreas—blissfully unaware of him teaching a wild boy how to use a (really big) stick for more than just playing fetch.
The overwhelming majority of Mondstadt finds it hard to see Varka as anything more than a jolly ol’ giant who can roll with whatever wacky things are going on in the nation of freedom at any day of the week.
But he wasn’t always known as Varka.
'Varka' had cast his old name away: Cast it away when it cost him his oldest daughter, lost to a windless land in search for the key to the golden hoard said to hold a miracle cure. Cast it away when it cost him his youngest daughter, taken by an untreatable Corrosion. Cast it away when it cost him his wife, leaving him with one scar too many. He cast it all away along with his former Vision, all for a chance to start anew.
So what then, could prompt a man to bathe himself in the ashes of his old life?
What then, could push him on his renewed quest for the Rhinegold and its hoarder?
Anemo + Dendro
As a Dual-Elementalist, Varka’s Dual-ELEM DMG would use the higher DMG% of the two, use the lower RES% of the two among his victim(s), and ignore immunity effects that apply to only one of his Dual-ELEM DMG. DMG that only utilizes one Element would function as normal. The player can choose, in the party menu, which Element Varka would Resonant as for Elemental Resonance. The amount of Energy Varka gains from Anemo/Dendro Particles would be dependent on the Element that he Resonated as.
Core mechanics of Dendro Reactions should be on one of the linked images, they were balanced around an overhauled Elemental Resonance/DBUF system.
I have another Varka concept that uses Anemo + Cryo instead, but only the mechanics are complete since I find Dendro (Wisdom) more ironic for my Varka!headcanon than Cryo (Love). A strong argument could be made for Cryo instead if people that have these types of Visions gained them out of character defining acts of love gained/lost. Anemo is non-negotiable as one of the Elements. Pyro is the third option I would reluctantly take, but only to really allude to the fact that Varka would be a Honkai!Siegfried-expy and thus the weakest of the three options.

Weapon: Claymore(s)
Constellation Name:
Draco Interfectorem
Ascension Bonus:
Character Ascension Material(s):
Dendro Jewels, Future!Anemo Boss-MAT, Chaos Gear, Wolfhook
Talent Ascension Material(s):
Ballad, Concealed Talon, Weekly Boss-MAT from future!Mare Jivari-zone
Attack Talents:
[R] Tumbleweed
“To the citizens of Mondstadt, Varka is affectionately called ‘Ticklegrass’…”
Varka has a meter (up to 100%) equal to X% of his DEF. Every 1 Energy he gains builds up X% meter, gaining X% more for Dashing through an oncoming attack. Varka has a chance equal to his CRIT Rate% to increase meter gained by 100% of his CRIT DMG%.
(Alternate Dash): Varka can also Dash while Airborne. Dashing through an oncoming attack also grants his next attack within Xs bonus effects:
While Varka is off-field, swapping to him at the precise moment of being attacked has him Dash through it automatically for 0 SP.
“…To the demon responsible for the disposal and recovery of his first Vision, he’ll hound them with the relentlessness of a perennial weed and send their golden hoard tumbling beyond the edge of the world.”
[A] Lessons Learned
“Experience is the most brutal teacher of all…”
Normal/Charge/Plunge Scaling: ATK/ATK/ATK
Normal/Charge/Plunge DMG Type: Physical/Dendro/Physical
(Normal Attack):
(Press): Perform up to 4 consecutive slashes.
(Alternate Charge Attack):
Cost: X% Tumbleweed meter, minimum
(Hold): Lash out with 1-hit that deals Dendro DMG, increasing DMG done by up to X% of meter spent, scaling Talent LV. Can be used while Airborne.
Charge Attacking into an oncoming hit attempts to parry it, mitigating DMG equal to up to X% of meter spent, scaling with Talent LV. Incoming DMG that exceeds mitigation consumes more stored meter, up to 100%, dealing more DMG and mitigation as more meter is spent.
This mitigation can CRIT, increasing mitigation amount by X% of CRIT DMG%.
(Plunge Attack):
(Press): Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
“…But if the Vision of ‘Varka’ is testament to anything, he learned well.”
[E] Wind Dispersal
“After losing everything of value once, he cast his old Vision away along with whatever else was left of that life…”
DMG Type: Anemo
DMG Scaling: ATK
CD: Xs
Particle Count: X
(Press): Unleash a roundhouse slash, dealing Anemo DMG to all enemies hit. Slashing into an oncoming attack will have Varka Dash through it as he carries himself and lighter victims Airborne.
Can be activated while Grounded or Airborne.
“So what then, could prompt a changed man to breathe new life into the Vision left behind?”
[Q] Goldbloom Requiem
“He failed to chase away the wolves stalking his Sun and Moon…”
Cost: X Energy
CD: Xs
Duration: Xs
(Press): Varka temporarily splits his claymore, dual-wielding them and his Elements simultaneously, infusing his Attack and Skill DMG with both that cannot be overridden for the duration.
During Burst, Attacks and Skill strike twice with the second hit using DEF scaling with up to X% DMG efficiency of respective source’s Talent LV, scaling with Burst LV, as Varka gains additional properties:
o Example of Burst double strike: First hit of a LV 10 Wind Dispersal scales traditionally. Second hit scales up to 80% efficiency of a LV 10 Skill with a LV 8 Burst, or something.
o Potential nerf: Goldbloom Requiem does not begin cooling down until fully expired.
“…He will not fail to slay the demon that spawned them.”
Passive Talents:
[P] Dendrochronology
Ascending Claymores and Swords costs 4/3/2/1 less Weapon Ascension Materials, scaling with rarity.
· Potential nerf: 3/2/1/0 instead.
· Potential change: (Hunting Under Starlight Your party consumes) 20% less SP on Sprints. Cannot stack with similar Passive Talents.
[R] Second Wind
Recover X SP, increased by 100% of missing SP%, over 6s for every 1% Tumbleweed meter spent. If this effect is refreshed, add the remaining SP recovery to the new duration.
· Potential change: Critical Dashes generate X SP, increased by 100% of Varka’s CRIT DMG%.
· Potential change: Dash costs X% less SP. Critical Dashes refund SP equal to X% of CRIT DMG (can exceed cost.)
[Q] Seeds of Tomorrow Carried on the Winds of Yesterday
During Burst, gain Bonus STAT% split between ATK and DEF, splitting more towards whichever STAT is lower, and Wind Dispersal gains 1 extra charge but the Skill no longer generates Particles.
· Potential buff: Wind Dispersal can still generate Particles during Burst.
C1 [R] Hunter of Fen-Dwellers
While Airborne, +X% ATK SPD as Wind Reprisal cools down X% faster.
C2 [R] Triple Wind
Chance equal to CRIT Rate% to refund 30% of spent Tumbleweed meter. X% of non-Charged Attack CRIT DMG done during Burst charges Tumbleweed meter.
C3 [E] To the Edge of the World
Increases Wind Dispersal LV by 3, its maximum upgrade LV is now 15.
C4 [A] Windblume
Gain CRIT Rate% equal to X% of Dendro DMG%. Gain CRIT DMG% equal to X% of Anemo DMG%. During Burst, these effects scale off of whichever DMG% is higher.
C5 [Q] All That Glitters…
Increases Goldbloom Requiem LV by 3, its maximum upgrade LV is now 15.
C6 [Q] The Eternal Gold Rush
After Charge Attacking, Varka’s subsequent DMG ignores up to X% DEF per 1% Tumbleweed meter consumed, capping at up to X% of his ATK per DMG instance and X% ignore DEF% max. This effect persists for up to Xs, or until Varka ignores X% of his DEF’s worth of DEF.
Refreshing this effect adds up to 100% of the old ignore DEF% to the new duration and resets the worth DEF% cap.
Signature Weapon:
Ecliptic Judgment
Weapon Type: Claymore
Substat: CRIT Rate%
ATK: 44
Ascension Material(s): ???/Concealed Talon/???
Special Passives: Branded Epitaphs
(Passive Effects): Collecting an Elemental Particle with the wielder temporarily grants them X%/X%/X%/X%/X% Bonus DMG, the DMG type based on the Particle’s Element. Each DMG type has an independent buff duration.
Wielder’s next damaging Skill consumes the buff(s) to deal X%/X%/X%/X%/X% Bonus DMG as its type over the next Xs, but the wielder loses X% stored HP per 1s for 5s ; If at least 2 buffs were consumed with the Skill, the wielder heals for X%/X%/X%/X%/X% missing HP per 1s for 5s instead. If the Skill DMG DoT is refreshed, the old DMG is added to the new DoT.
“He couldn’t bear to scatter their ashes to the silent sea, so he made diamonds from their dust and carried them into battle. As reminders for why he fights for all that was and is beautiful in the world.”
Dedicated Artifact Set:
Collapse of a Long-Cherished Wish
(2 Piece Bonus): Successful Charge or Plunge Attacks grant the wearer X Energy, with CRITs granting more Energy by X% of wearer’s CRIT DMG%.
(4 Piece Bonus): Every 1 Energy the wearer stores during Burst-infusion extends its duration, up to a total 100% of its initial duration per Burst. Wearer gains X% CRIT DMG for every 2% stored Energy, doubled at 100% stored Energy and reset after Burst-infusion ends.
Mangled Goldbloom Bud (Flower of Life)
“Not even second chances are allowed to blossom among the clinkers condemned to quietly sink to abyssal depths.”
Mostly Dissolved Plume (Plume of Death)
“Based on how much of the feather corroded, down to even the rachis, whoever last held this pinion had no choice but to finally part with it.”
Empty Cremation Jar (Sands of Eon)
“Carried ashes from a land so silent not even the wind dared blow.”
Mug of Fool’s Gold (Goblet of Eonothem)
“What once flowed freely soon ran dry on the chase that ended at the edge of the world.”
Stained Bandage (Circlet of Logos)
“Expectation was no longer a hope the former wearer could see as their emotions took the last part of that life.”
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2022.01.23 03:18 DarKoopa Cram Session

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2022.01.23 03:18 OzBargainBot Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds $151.20 ($147.42 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ e.t.r.a.d.e eBay

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2022.01.23 03:18 Willing-Clock-8884 Girl with a big ass

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2022.01.23 03:18 horusia022 ( Video ) Four Seasons Shonan beach ~ 春夏秋冬 ~ ( Japan )

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2022.01.23 03:18 Aggravating-Sir3005 Best grass type starter tournament ( Round 1)

So friend here it is at last the best grass type starter Pokemon tournament . So vote overwhelmingly for your favorite grass type starter and make him win. Rules are as before top two most voted pokemons will be promoted to next round. In round 1 grass type starters of generation 1 to 4 are included . So vote for your favorite and express your views in comments box.
View Poll
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2022.01.23 03:18 r9vns SELLING 7.2M RHD

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2022.01.23 03:18 bokuwatamago-desu [For Hire] Illustrations

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2022.01.23 03:18 EucurtoRecife Papaver somniferum

Onde consigo comprar sementes da Papaver somniferum / dormideira? Quero plantar
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2022.01.23 03:18 richidrop Earn $40 (~£29.50) in USDC with StableHouse when depositing $100 for hold 30 days.

StableHouse is a cryptocurrency platform powered by XBTO, a world leader in cryptofinance. The Company is headquartered in Bermuda, and is licensed to conduct digital asset business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) under the Digital Asset Business Act 2018.
They are currently giving 40$ in USDC for free if you sign up to the app using a referral link and deposit $100 before 31th January 2022. You have to leave the $100 in your account for 30 days and then it becomes available to withdraw.
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4 – After 30 days you can withdraw it all!
StableHouse Fees Click
Full Terms & Promotion Click
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2022.01.23 03:18 Justhereforcowboys I hope Jerry fires McCarthy and hires...

Brian Flores. I can’t believe nobody in the media is talking about that man. He has made the anemic Dolphin franchise a playoff contender for multiple years. I honestly can’t believe the Dolphins let him go as if they could do better. Anyone that could take that roster and win 9, 7 in a row at one point, deserves more respect than he gets in the media. I want that tough guy that gets the most out of his players and gets the ball in the playmakers’ hands.
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2022.01.23 03:18 Specialist-Dog-500 Ex I’m considering reconciling with was dating someone who said racist things about me?

I broke up with my ex 1+ year ago because he was ready to get married and I wasn’t.
We’ve recently got back into contact and have had talks about potentially reconciling.
But I’m having a hang up in regards to his ex. Long story short, his ex found out about me and had referred to me as a “black bitch”. My ex says she was just jealous because she had suspected he was still in love with me and would have said that about anyone regarding their race. He also told me they were watching a horror movie one time and she said “I hope they kill the black bitch first.”
I was shocked he would let that slide and that it didn’t end the relationship. Not because she said it about me, but because she said it period. I can’t imagine willingly cohabitating with and dating someone who would say something so vile.
He claims he defended me and that he was turned off by what she said and that it caused an argument but he wasn’t sure if it was his place to say anything (because she’s Latin) and that again, she was just jealous.
So now I’m questioning his character and so torn on what to do next/how to move forward given how hurt I am by it.
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2022.01.23 03:18 NaughtyHottie69 Cats vs Invisible Wall (aka IQ challenge)

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2022.01.23 03:18 k1j1j1 JBD and others

Hey, I have seen every single game that Docker's been in, and he needs a full season or two in the AHL. He needs time, need to develop properly before he becomes a full time with the Ottawa Senators. That's just my observation though, I don't know if anyone will agree, but that's fine... Also, Erik Brannstrom is freaking awesome!
I am also hoping they trade Chris Tierney soon lol, if they can't, hope they do not re-sign him in the off-season.
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2022.01.23 03:18 crytoloover mars floki coin price prediction mars floki token price mars floki crypto mars floki inu coin price

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