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Fanart my brother asked me to make into wall posters.

a aa aaa aaaa aaacn aaah aaai aaas aab aabb aac aacc aace aachen aacom aacs aacsb aad aadvantage aae aaf aafp aag aah aai aaj aal aalborg aalib aaliyah aall aalto aam ... If you asked most people what forces led to today’s unprecedented income inequality and financial crashes, no one would say the Federal Reserve. For most of its history, the Fed has enjoyed the fawning adoration of the press. When the economy grew, it was credited to the Fed. When the economy imploded in 2008, the Fed got credit for rescuing us. I really hate my hotel room but I can't stay anywhere else for a month. The bed is uncomfy, when I take a shower the entire floor gets wet because it has a shitty curtain, the wifi isn't free (I just keep making new accounts to cheat the 30 min free wifi a day tbh), the walls are thin, the charging ports aren't anywhere near the bed, there's no bedside tables, the housekeeping hasn't washed my ... Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born: October 24, 1989 (1989-10-24) [age 32]), better known online as PewDiePie (or simply Pewds, formerly Pewdie), is a Swedish YouTuber, comedian, vlogger, gamer, and co-founder of Tsuki Market along with his wife, Marzia. Originally, Felix was known for his horror playthroughs (such as Amnesia) and reactions but nowadays, he is notorious for his freestyle/skit ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. >>1291723 I like how the top 3 photos highlights that apparently she only owns/wears 1 matching set of cheap fast fashion "lingerie" and yet still can't be bothered to put together a photogenic outfit. In the 3rd photo, she thought she'd really sex up the poor quality material and the tacky ruffles by wearing a lightly padded, molded Target bra that I haven't seen the looks of since a high ... The latest Tweets from City of Calgary (@cityofcalgary). Official City of Calgary local government Twitter account. Keep up with City news, services, programs, events and more. Not monitored 24/7. Calgary, Alberta Aviation History magazine is an authoritative, in-depth history of world aviation from its origins to the Space Age. Aviation History offers air enthusiasts the most detailed coverage of the history of manned flight, with action-packed stories and illustrations that put the reader in the cockpit with pilots and military (Army, Navy, and Marines) aviators to experience aviation’s greatest dramas. Nozomi Tojo is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is a third year in Otonokizaka High School. Her image color is purple. She is a member of lily white, a sub-unit under μ's. Nozomi is a third year student and the former vice-president of the school's student council, being succeeded by Umi Sonoda. She is not originally from the Kansai region, and it is shown in Season 2 ...

2022.01.23 02:26 Full_Conference_2175 Fanart my brother asked me to make into wall posters.

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2022.01.23 02:26 Redditorbuttercup Does anyone actually like sex in the shower?

Why or why not?
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2022.01.23 02:26 Robinjo1985 Scottish Shortbread

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2022.01.23 02:26 Own-Sandwich-4576 I messed up

I messed up
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2022.01.23 02:26 Kitchen_Sun4388 How do you get over your ex who never actually loved you?

I don’t feel like getting into details because it’s complicated and messy. But he was the second person I dated. The first guy was relatively easy for me to get over, he just wasn’t for me. But this second guy… I think he’s the first the person I ever truly loved. But in hindsight I realized he never really loved me back. And now I don’t know how to recover. I’ve been doing the things I like to do, hanging out with friends and such. But the memories and painful feelings keep cropping back up. Idk how to cope with them. :(
It also makes me feel paranoid and untrustworthy towards new people in regards to dating. Idk how to fix that either. Any help would be appreciated <3
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2022.01.23 02:26 buttery-biscuit_bass Shooting an NPC with Sieker can fail one of the Elusive arcade missions

Just a heads up that shooting an NPC with dart gun fails the last escalation of the codices (presumably unless get headshot). I thought the must shoot NPCs in head only applied to ballistics, unfortunately I was wrong.
Damn these complications suck ass.
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2022.01.23 02:26 Coach_Groundbreaking LF Grade 10 Students Who are Interested to Join an Inter-School Competition

Good morning!
We are looking for Grade 10 students (from public, private, science hs, etc.) who are interested to join a competition.
Please inform me via dm kung may interested sumali from you school.
Wala namang expenses yung participants, need lang nila mag-sign then attend sa event proper. Malaki yung prizes kaya magjoin na kayo guyss!!!
Hanggang ngayong araw lang po yung registration.
You can check the links provided below for further details po:
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2022.01.23 02:26 Robinjo1985 Scottish Oaten Bread Coca-cola

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2022.01.23 02:26 SlipnUnderTheRadar Any Analogue Quartz Watches on Ali with Indiglo / Electroluminescence, Timex weekender Homage?

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2022.01.23 02:26 Barterallen3000 The Health Care System of United State of America

That's it. That's the whole joke.
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2022.01.23 02:26 Major-Handle5143 Crisp Forest

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2022.01.23 02:26 Rashtrapateen Gomu gomu no thunder cross split attack

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2022.01.23 02:26 Robinjo1985 Scottish Oaten Bread - With Coke

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2022.01.23 02:26 Tcool14032001 Can anyone help me a place where I can get Ardeshir/Ardy's flavoured soda from?

My dad has been absolutely craving for it and I just can't find it anywhere.
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2022.01.23 02:26 Competitive_Ad_6781 A tittle

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2022.01.23 02:26 VeryVeryWetHotdog Mole with fledgling sigil turns into Mole Man??

I was just casually playing Kaycee's Mod and it just happened! Has this always been a feature? What else turns into rare cards with a certain sigil?
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2022.01.23 02:26 iamcalifw 💎Baby Floki Doge Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🔥Ownership Renounced💎 Early Low Cap just launched | No Airdrop | BFDOGE New 1000x - Project is run by the best team in the BSC space 🔥GEM x1000 moonshot

🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable Memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
TG : https://t.me/babyfloki_doge
🚀Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 Baby Floki Doge is the cutest and most lovable memecoin brought to earth by Floki and Doge. This low
tax and hyper-deflationary gem uses simple tokenomics to ensure Everybody goes to Mars in a Tesla!
Inspired by Elon Musk’s love for Doge and his new puppy Floki. We know Elon will love his new golden
child Baby Floki Doge !
🚀 A truly experienced, professional team that has shown much success in crypto!
The marketing professionals did 20x on their last project and are determined to turn this into a Billion Dollar Marketcap!
🚀 They are a low tax & hyper-deflationary coin that will incentivize new investors to buy in and existing investors to hold! Which is a breath of fresh air after all these high tax coins!
They will also employ antibot, anti-whale, and anti-dumping measures.
Max transaction 1% of supply 🔥
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👨 Known and Trusted Developers & Marketing Team!!!
🔐 Kyc Doxxed Badge with Pinksale (compliant with CCPA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, and WCAG
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⭐ 0% Buy and Sell Tax
🏆 Hold $BABYFD get rewarded in $ BFDOGE automatically
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✅ Professional Marketing Team (last project did 20x)
💰 Amazing Roadmap & Usecases
🧠 Audit from Solidity Finance
💥 CONTRACT : 0xbdafddca64ef4fb4af149fc2eedb4349bee7ecea
🚀 Buy On Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xbdafddca64ef4fb4af149fc2eedb4349bee7ecea
🔥Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0xbdaFddCA64ef4fB4aF149fc2EEDb4349BeE7EcEa
🔥Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xbdaFddCA64ef4fB4aF149fc2EEDb4349BeE7EcEa#readContract
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2022.01.23 02:26 Robinjo1985 Scottish Oaten Bread

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2022.01.23 02:26 OkFuel10 If they post a lot on social media with their new partner, it is fake and they have serious ego issues by trying to prove something to everybody. You're the stronger person for not flocking to fake relationships.

It's tough to go through break ups. They are even harder to deal with if you truly loved that person and cared about them. And even harder, if your ex gets with another person. Me and my ex broke up around in October. She was a very toxic person. Absuive in many ways towards me and a classic narcissist. Barely a month after we split up, I discovered that she got in another relationship on Facebook, at light speed. She was liking every post of her new partner's mom. Recently did some more snooping on her Facebook and saw that she posted a bunch of pictures with him back in December around Christmas time on her Facebook stories. Today, she posted like 4 pictures of them together on her story of selfies with her and him. The pictures were honestly cringe, like she was trying extremely hard to make it seem like she is in some happy relationship, but the pictures looked forced and very ungenuine (not surprising since she is a fake ass person, who acts fake nice to everybody). Even posted pictures of them kissing together on their story. They have barely been together for 2 months, and she is going out of her way to post stuff with him on her social media. She didn't do that with me and the boyfriend's she had before, so I know for a fact that she is trying to shove her new relationship down people's throats to show how "good" she is doing now.
But I know at the end of the day, you are fake. Your new relationship is fake. You just want to convince everyone that your new relationship is real and genuine, but you got in a rebound relationship and never tried to work on your toxic behavior. You are 27, but act incredibly immature and have a huge ego, because you are trying to blatantly show off your fresh boyfriend unnaturally on Facebook after barely being with him for 2 months. You are still a narcissist and hopefully your new partner will figure you out a lot quicker than I did, and not waste 2 years of his life in mental torture with you. Hopefully he will have more self respect than me, and see you for what you truly are.
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2022.01.23 02:26 FluffyBunnyRemi Week 3: Pantry Challenge - Almond Chocolate Scones

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2022.01.23 02:26 Robinjo1985 Scottish Currant Shortbread

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2022.01.23 02:26 GeologistOk3730 Trading/selling Leah ashe bear ears

Selling/trading item
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2022.01.23 02:26 dontbebooty why the fuck am i still playing on 60 FPS on the series x

shit feels like i’m playing on an xbox 360. how in the fuck has this not been fixed yet.
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2022.01.23 02:26 JoolFive I'm in love! (and I hate it)

There's this boy. Femboy. And he's amazing. We hang out a lot and he's just great. There's one problem. I am in LOVE with him. And he doesn't feel the same. He talks to me abt people he likes And it feels like he'll never like me. And it really hurts bros. So I wanted to vent and just look for support as I'm not getting it anywhere else submitted by JoolFive to feminineboys [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 02:26 treesap1773 KIMBALLLLY is probably one of my favorite people on the show…

Okay… hear me out… kimbally is genuinely not that bad in the grand scheme of 90 day fiancé…
1.) She has good, bubbly, outgoing energy as opposed to a lot of brick walls we see in this show.
2.) She didn’t want to go with Usman to his meeting with that one lady- even if she didn’t mean it, she gave him the option to have that meeting alone! He was the one that insisted she come!
3.) She was not upset at all about the one model hanging all over him during his music video shoot. She gave him a pep talk and was very supportive!
4.) The only times she’s gotten upset is at circumstances where she should be upset (ie. Usman’s managers not having anything prepared for his video shoot).
Sure! She’s a little goofy, but she’s genuinely not bad and seems to be really accepting of Usman’s lifestyle! Sue me.
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