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The Return of the King

2022.01.23 02:51 Godtier-69 The Return of the King

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2022.01.23 02:51 Level_Stranger8474 Whats that song that go " im a wife beater , dick eater" or sum like dat?

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2022.01.23 02:51 thatburritodood Bully Maguire Dance but without music

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2022.01.23 02:51 beatboy1975 We had a good time, right?

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2022.01.23 02:51 tomhank5056 Am I considered an incel?

I’ve been browsing incel, plastic surgery, and fitness forums at a young age and used a lot of their advice to self improve. I have gotten dates and laid but I have a very negative view towards women mainly because of not being able to trust them or judging them for the degrading stuff they like in bed. If I ever have kids I hope it’s not a daughter.
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2022.01.23 02:51 aldflowr Hold on, I'm leaving anyway...

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2022.01.23 02:51 Sewing_Starfish [CHAT] Any tips for faster stitching?

I'd love to know what personally works for you that you feel makes you stitch faster or save time on a project. Do you stitch faster with a hoop? What about in hand stitching? I know the beauty of cross-stitch is that it's a slow hobby but technique wise I am curious :)
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2022.01.23 02:51 DeliciousAd3724 Wheel WAY off the ground

Hey! I’ve been traveling with my Impala skates lately and transporting them a lot. I took them out to put away today and noticed that one of my wheels is super crooked/high up, and the whole skate wobbles really bad because of it. Haven’t had much time to skate in the past few months, and it wasn’t like this before. I’ve seen posts with similar issues, and the consensus seems to be that it’s an issue with the trucks. Is that the problem here, or is it something else? Any help is appreciated, I’m super panicked about my skates T-T Here’s a video of the wobbly skate in question.
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2022.01.23 02:51 ClowningAF I NEED HELP!

A few weeks ago I discovered a secret Reddit account of my boyfriend, there he told other women how he was willing to fuck with her, asking for telegram links for THAT type of groups and many other things. Being honest, I feel very affected because all this happened while we were together! I felt as if he didn't take this relationship seriously and that he really wants another kind of women...which I'm not. I don't have that body and I can never be as sensual as those girls! What should I do? I'm exaggerating? I NEED HELP!
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2022.01.23 02:51 burner2605 UTAPS not showing up on ACORN

I received an email around December saying that I was eligible to receive additional funding through UTAPS. From what I understand, the amount I'm eligible to receive shows up under 'My Awards' on ACORN (and my friend already has his showing there) but I still don't see it on my ACORN and I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about this? Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
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2022.01.23 02:51 cfhgfdddddsf 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

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2022.01.23 02:51 fumstyle091 Can someone help me with a Nidoran female?

Ill give out a masterball for it. It is the last mon needed to complete my dex
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2022.01.23 02:51 only_blondie 31yo french mom 'F31

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2022.01.23 02:51 brevin25 Need friends for gifts, I send daily if you do to

9537 4659 2271
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2022.01.23 02:51 iggyolkes [LORE SPOILERS] Rate this AMV

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2022.01.23 02:51 Ablative12-7 Stars Planets.

You have got stars
and planets
stars and planets
you have got stars and planets
go around stars
they orbit them
stars are hot
hotter than planets
they give off more heat
than planets
the earth is a good quality planet
a good quality planet
it has got a lot going for it
the earth
the planet
which that we are living on
the planet earth
it has got plate tectonics
this planet
plate tectonics
with continental subduction
and healthy vulcanism
oceans and tides
the moon makes the tides
the moon
from orbiting the earth
the orbiting moon
stabilizes and moderates
the axis of rotation into a habitability
of the planet earth
the moon who cares about the moon
but we have got one
a moon
so there you go.
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2022.01.23 02:51 SaberLilith 😘❤️

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2022.01.23 02:51 GoodVibesWow Let’s talk about the elephant in the room

Why would a man with nearly unlimited resources, build and deploy a train that circles the globe? Why not build a fortified underground place to survive? Some kind of expansive habitat powered by nuclear and/or fusion energy would be a much more practical means of surviving a world enveloped in an ice age. I like the show, but the premise is…tenuous at best.
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2022.01.23 02:51 RookieMistake2021 What’s a life that everyone should know earlier in life?

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2022.01.23 02:51 Lost-Position-3975 Looking for a beer with a heavy body.

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2022.01.23 02:51 FallCompetitive7976 23-January I am still here

It is 23-January 05:51. I am loved.
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2022.01.23 02:51 si8v Hmm

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2022.01.23 02:51 jadec712 Prints Failing

Printer: https://phrozen3d.com/products/sonic-mini-4k-resin-3d-printer-phrozen?variant=39635278692539
My friends and I are very new to printing and we're running into a lot of issues with consistency on prints. The main thing we're trying to print are custom named borders for a blood bowl team, but the resin is either failing to stick on the edges or the lettering is getting blocked out. I've attached a few image examples for reference. We've always had some large multi-piece minis where one piece or another seems to fall off during the print. Not sure if the supports aren't thick enough or the piece is too heavy.
My main question here is how do people go about troubleshooting some of these issues? Does anyone have a guide for common issues in printing that correlate to settings on the printestl file?
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2022.01.23 02:51 Worth_Ad5669 Feb 7 Start Date

So I guess this is really it… there is nothing we can do huh… we’re going back
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2022.01.23 02:51 WorthlessOfTime Existe algum problema em enviar um curriculo no formato docx?

Tive que fazer um curriculo hoje para mandar por email, primeira vez que faço algo do tipo, e o editor de texto tinha salvado o arquivo em formato .docx ao inves de pdf. Sera que existe algum problema nisso? E antes de anexiar no enail eu usei um site que converte docx em pdf.
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