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Daily Discussion Thread: Please discuss anything related to Ghana and this sub in this thread [/u/AutoModerator]

The objectives of the course is: 1. To stimulate students interest and understanding about the concept and practice of extension and the need for extension in agricultural development 2. To discuss history of agricultural extension in the world and On page 2 of this thread, you will find helpful guidelines in defining what contributes to extreme hardship. My sources are all cited. Feel free to add on any contributing (helpful) data that you may have located on this subject. Any resources most appreciated. Limit information posted on this thread to letters that have been APPROVED. Thanks!! The aim of the study is to evaluate whether or not the research process has taken into account all gender related variables that may hinder the real world application of VMs in sub-Saharan Africa. We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we''div-gpt-ad-1519057684144-22''s free bi-weekly Covid-19 report on the latest information your industry needs to know.|The two companies are working on tools that combine Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre technology with Sanofi’s insulin dosing data. Update: Okay I looked at the sub and it's not that bad. It's too broad/all over the place tho. I prefer more niche subreddits. I did see some cute black women engagement/wedding photos up there tho, I made me wish there was a black weddings subreddit. A place for black brides to post pictures, ask for advice, etc. The latest Lifestyle | Daily Life news, tips, opinion and advice from The Sydney Morning Herald covering life and relationships, beauty, fashion, health & wellbeing There currently are 1,800 active confirmed cases in the city. 2 university campuses & 1 sub-district remain at High Risk. 1 Medium Risk sub-district & 2 Medium Risk communities have been re-designated to Low Risk. 45 sub-districts & 15 communities remain at Medium Risk. At Yan’an 1 domestic confirmed case recovered. There currently are 12 ... /u/repguidesFR here with a revised and detailed update version of the original Full WeGoBuy/FashionReps Newbie Guide and some tips on on how to get your hauls through customs safely. Much of this is copy pasta. After the most recent post I've decided to go back in the history of /r/FashionReps and update a great guide that helped numerous users. This guide will be revised and rewritten to ... Additionally, we welcome the discussion of replica hobbyism, including reviews, culture, guides, and related discourse. Feel free to request assistance with photos, post a review, or ask our members anything! Widespread media coverage and discussion of sexual harassment, particularly in Hollywood, led to high-profile terminations from positions held, as well as criticism and backlash. [20] [21] [22] After millions of people started using the phrase and hashtag in this manner in English, the expression began to spread to dozens of other languages.

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Can anyone please suggest an affordable device that supports Scribd? The only one I can find online is the Onyx and that’s wayyyy out of my price range.
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Does anyone have any sort of pink flowers or roses i can have?
I have peaches and bamboo if anyone wants to trade. I also have nursery trees of all other fruits, if you’d like a different fruit.
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2022.01.23 02:34 calebbrundage8 Major in Computer Science and Minor in Finance?

I love money, and I love working with money, but with how the future is going I’m thinking of majoring in computer science. I’m 17 and heading to college this fall. I haven’t declared a major yet, and I probably won’t at least for the first semester. What is everyone’s thoughts on these together? Would it be best to just minor in business instead?
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i hate the manosphere
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2022.01.23 02:34 vroop2 Mesea, Abandoned [MD, 7/?]

[Previous post]
As they neared the administration building, Marcell noticed many of the buildings around them were now a lot posher than the previous shanties. The roads were now real pavement instead of dirt and the sidewalks were now made of cement rather than just muddy paths. JCJenson at its finest. They stopped at an alleyway just across from the building and prepared themselves to enter. Marcell now had a better view on the large tumor-like growth of worker bodies on the side of the building. Indeed there was countless arms, legs, heads, and other parts all intertwined to create the monstrosity of a construction. Far below it was a large pool of what appeared to be oil, every now and then a couple droplets splashed onto the ground adding to the pool. Marcell turned back towards the workers and saw Fredrick was trembling with fear. It was weirdly comforting knowing that a robot designed to perform a task as efficiently as possible also shared his emotions. Jeri peeked around both corners and motioned for them to move. They all dashed across the street and slid to a stop on the other side. They sneaked around towards the front of the building and crossed the empty parking lot. They reached the lobby door and Jeri turned to face them from the lead, "You all ready?" They both nodded and he silently opened the door. Filing inside, they found that the lobby was almost completely dark, the only light coming from the moonlight outside. Marcell dug around for his flashlight and switched it on, shining it around the room. It was in surprisingly pristine condition, although a layer of dust covered everything. Comfy looking chairs were lined up against the walls and in the middle of the room. They approached the front desk and saw a heavily decayed body sitting behind it, covered in plant stems that looked to be growing into the bone. "That's a dedicated employee for sure." Jeri commented. They entered through a door behind the front desk and came upon a long hallway. They followed the corridor, occasionally peering into empty storage rooms and office spaces to the sides. Upon reaching the end of the hallway, Jeri went ahead and started making their way up. Fredrick and Marcell followed suite. "I'm assuming any substantial communications will be in the colonial administrator's office." Jeri said as they raced up the stairs. "I'm also assuming that the administrator's office is up here. A lot of assumptions, really."
They reached the 8th floor and stopped at the landing. Jeri looked up at the sign above the doorway, "Logistics and Administration, this is it!" he exclaimed. Marcell followed after him, breathing hard. he was actually pretty fit, so his sudden weakness and shortness of breath scared him. He looked down at his stomach again and saw the start of a small stem growing out. The roots looked to be engrained in his skin. His heart dropped but he continued to follow the workers without a word. They darted through cubicles and past different director's offices until they finally reached a door with a copper plaque above it that read 'Colonial Overseer Wayland'. Entering the room they were greeted with a large elaborate desk upon which was a a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and some stacks of folders and papers. Along the sides of the walls were filing cabinets and shelves filled to the brink with binders, books, and some other decorations. Marcell leaned up against the wall and doubled over to catch his breath. he watched as Jeri and Fredrick walked towards the desk. Marcell couldn't see it well, but both of them stopped next to the chair and reacted to something sitting in it. "Damn, he's seen better days for sure." Fredrick mused. They pushed a decayed body out of the chair and it flopped to the floor beside the desk. Jeri climbed up into the chair and started something up from under the desk, a few seconds later the monitor lit up. "Holy shit, it works!" Fredrick exclaimed a little too loudly. "Shut up, you're gonna get us killed!" Jeri hissed at him. He looked embarrassed and backed up as Jeri looked at the monitor. A few clicks and some typing later, he motioned for Marcell. "I figure it's better if an actual human sends the message. Would look just a little more believable." Marcell stumbled over and sat down on the chair and rolled up towards the monitor. Jeri had pulled up email and it was going to be sent to an official JCJenson address. Marcell thought for a moment, and then let his hands flow across the keyboard.
The message, sent from a previously thought uninhabited and abandoned planet, was picked up by an orbiting science outpost. From there the news quickly spread to multiple media outlets who picked up on the story. In just thirty short minutes, the first articles were rushed out by both JCJenson owned and independent media companies. Competition was fierce. A report reached an official outlet for JCJenson itself in the form of an unpaid intern and a simple folder. the intern knocked on the media manager's door and he heard a gruff "Come in." He rushed in and slammed the file down on the manager's desk. "Sir, I think this could be big. We're late by a long shot but I have an idea on how to capitalize on this lone Mesea survivor craze." The intern opened the file and pointed to the citizen record of a man named Marcell Buckley. The manager stared at it for a moment and looked back up at the intern, "You better have a deal I can't refuse, cause this looks like you want to be fired." he said in a dis-interested voice. the intern needed to reel him back in. "Well, from the email sent to the science station in orbit above the planet, it was signed off by a mister Marcell Buckley, but was under the the account of the colonial overseer." he tried to make his speech understandable but fast. It was his job with the marketing team on line if he didn't keep the manager's interest. "Just imagine if we managed to rescue him, the media attention on this would be insane! Just think of the indirect sales boom that could come from this. This could be a new era for JCJenson, an era of trust." The intern finished, and promptly heaved, trying to regain his breath. The manager looked down at the file again and his eyes drifted down towards the criminal record. Multiple counts of burglary, breaking and entering, and destruction of JCJenson property. That seriously put him off. Not to mention he remembered the headlines of the lost medical ship a while back on that same planet. The intern could sense the tides changing, but he was determined to win the manager back. "Listen, we can scrub him of his charges to prevent any drama with the other media, not to mention if this is successful people will forget about that medical ship from awhile back. Just think about it, maybe his only reason for survival on one of our new camping products products? Not that there's any more wilderness to camp in anymore, but I heard the thermo-knife sales were only getting about nine billion sales in Sol, we could for sure up that to its quota. Please sir." the intern begged. The manager looked up at the intern and thought the thermo-knife sales, he needed to develop a campaign to get their sales to the twelve billion quota. This could be his big break, if he managed to meet the quota he could get on the JCJenson marketing board. A slight grin tugged at his mouth, but he suppressed it. "I'll see what I can do, thank you for your time." he said, indicating that the intern's sales pitch was up. The intern didn't care though if the manager didn't even confirm if he was truly interested, he had him hooked and he could smell the promotion from a mile away.
Nothing much to say on this part other than it was maybe a little long. That's to be expected though with the end so close. Also my addiction to writing my stories in jungle environments has been found, I will now be packing up and moving to the Sahara desert. Probably also cause I've been playing too much Rising Storm 2.... Oh well!
Criticism, be it subjective or objective, is always welcome.
Next post goes here when it comes out!
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Big phone companies like Apple and Samsung release new phones every year in hopes that they outnumber the sales from the previous years. The last couple of years, phone sales have been declining because of better technology being produced. Also, people are starting to catch on that they do not need to upgrade their phone every 12 months.
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