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The tropical secret of weight loss

2022.01.23 02:29 Healthinfluencer The tropical secret of weight loss

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2022.01.23 02:29 spacebamboo69 At what age did you start being able to game women you actually desire?

I usually get hit on by girls who I do or don't find attractive. It's easy to talk to the ones who I dont like and it's like honey drips out my lips when we speak, but the sexual attraction isnt there. I'm very reserved with who I sleep with.
Then with hawt babes I often freeze up. Im 23 and I'm sick of this, I want to man up and get what I want.
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2022.01.23 02:29 Revelationret [CONCEPT]: Veles - Full God Kit

Veles is a major Slavic god of Earth, Nature, Wilderness, Magic, Witchcraft, Trickery, Beasts, Agriculture, Peasantry, Trade, Music, Anarchy and in some but not all sources - the Underworld. He is the rival of Perun, with whom he shares fundamental aspect differences and ideological disagreeements.
Yaga's witchcraft may or may not be influenced by Veles as he is the patron god of magic, and as Christianity took hold of the slavic world in history, Veles' association with the Underworld and Trickery may or may not have been the very proto stage of paganic rewriting that would eventually lead to the creation of the Chernobog Concept. As such, it must be underlined Veles was originally not an entirely malevolent god, simply another side of the coin, and he was not a mirror of Satan - those associations came up later.
Veles shares some similiarity to celtic Cernunnos, who was also a Horned God often turned to a Devil Mirror by later redifinitions of his own belief systems.

Veles by AvleenVarAnahid
Background/Lore Breakdown: As noted above, Veles is a god of a large swathe of things, most of which related to the material world, or what mortals would call as a catch-all 'Earth' - the surface world, and possibly the world below it - as slavic cosmology follows a typical vertical definition, and as such, the Underworld is directly below the earth's crust. However, the slavic Underworld does not equal being the Realm of the Dead, and as such, Veles is certainly not a death god.
Veles' most well known and recognizable aspects of the bunch are two, however - Nature/Earth and Magic/Witchcraft respectively. These are the two sets of powers that would be most prominently seen whenever Veles actively uses his powers, be it for combat or otherwise.

Appearence Proposal: A tall, but somewhat thin man, with a beard. He may have a hood and/or a mask with beagoat/snake motiffs of them. His garments should be freeflowing, using deep earthern colours such as Brown, Green, Gray etc.
As weapons and tools, he will use a Harvest Sickle and a Lute - the harvest sickle will be used for brutal Basic Attacks (like the Jester from Darkest Dungeon), but will rest on his hip while he is casting; the Lute will be animated while he uses his Ability 1 - Strum, playing a tune that I propose should mimick known IRL slavic tunes (for example, one of the strums can sound like the russian Kalinka).

Harvest Sickle

Personality Proposal: Veles is a free god, patron of free men. He does what he wants and has a severe disdain for Authority. Veles is therefore AnCap Libertarian.
Veles may understand the cosmic important of balance, but that does not mean he will not attempt to tilt the scales in his favour. He is also meritocratic, helping only those who earn his help. He is also willing to let events play out or gamble on chance, rather than take a stance immediately, and his tolerance for both Evil and Good is quite flexible (possibly why he'd let a creature like Yaga run amock his Woods with no real supervision, he just doesn't care enough about her shaninigans and/or enjoys the trickery and stories her involvements spawn).

KIT: Veles, God of Earth and Magic
Class: Assassin. (Veles is designed to be a true Flex character, a swiss-knife, capable of all master of none; as such, stats-wise Assassin would fit best, as the assassin stat distribution is sort-of in the middle of tankiness vs damage scale.) His Ability 1 - Strum, is the tool that controls and shifts his stats to a desired focus and Role.
Role: Flexible - Jungle, Solo, Support or Mid
Pros: Adaptable; Medium Crowd Control
Cons: Can do everything, but is master of None
Difficulty: Hard

PASSIVE: God of the Woods A half (2:1) of Veles' total HP5 stat is converted to bonus Physical Power, rounded up in his favour (for example, 27 HP5 = 14 bonus Physical Power). In addition, Veles gains extra HP5 whenever he stays in or traverses across the Jungle.
Finally, as the God of Trade aswell, credited Assists or Kills on enemy Gods or Minions awards Veles one extra Gold.

This is an essential part of Veles' kit, available for use from level 1, without spending a point for it (like Bacchus drink). This ability allows Veles to play different Tunes, which give him extra effects or stats that heighten the effectiveness of his other abilities, and allow him to adapt himself to a desired Role or situational Demand; when pressed, this ability allows him to select one Tune to play, which apply a 30s-lasting Buff on him that acts as an Attunement to the desired outcome:
- Tune of Earth: When Veles plays this Tune, he gains 10% Damage Mitigation from all sources of damage for as long as the Tune Buff lasts; in addition, his Ability 2 will now Stun the targets it initially hits. While the Earth Tune buff is active, Veles will also share half of his HP5 to ally gods as an Aura around himself.
- Tune of Magic: When Veles plays this Tune, he gains additional Scaling on his Ability 3. His Ability 3 also gets reduced Cooldown (only ability 3 tho) for as long as the Tune Buff lasts.
- Tune of Trickery: When Veles plays this Tune, he shapeshifts himself into an animal Form (Bear, Goat, or big Snake) that is purely cosmetic, which grants him 20% additional movement speed and immunity to Slows. Being hit by Hard Crowd Control will undo the shapeshift and bonuses. Veles may still Basic Attack in this new Form. His Basic Attacks while Shapeshifted deal bonus Damage to Jungle Monsters and Minions, allowing Veles to clear or farm faster.

ABILITY 2: Earthwork
Base Damage: Decent
Damage Scaling: Low
This is a targeted AoE ability that spawns two effects - one beneficial, around Veles and following with him, and one not - at the target of Area, affecting enemy gods.
When cast, vegetation and life begins to spring around Veles, following his movement for the next few seconds (like Artio human form 2) - which gives Veles and nearby enemy Gods a minor Tick of Healing.
At target Area however, Veles cracks and trembles the earth, dealing periodic Damage to anything caught within for the next few seconds, aswell as Slowing them down to a significant degree. IF Veles has the Tune of Earth buff active, this offensive aspect of the ability will also Stun the enemies caught in the earthquake.

ABILITY 3: Divine Witchcraft
Base Damage: Decent
Damage Scaling: Very High
Veles draws an occult symbol in the air before him, sending forth an area Wave of potent magic forward. This instant damage burst ability benefits greatly from its Scaling, which can be additionally boosted for even More Damage if Veles had attuned himself with the buff from Tune Of Magic. Like Yaga's Wild Witchcraft, Veles' Divine Witchcraft glows Purple and Silences all enemies hit by the burst for the next second or so.

ABILITY 4/ULT: Underworld Burrow
Base Damage: Decent
Damage Scaling: Low
Veles becomes CC-Immune, creating a tunnel entrance in the earthly crust at/before his feet, diving into it a moment later. While under the Earth's crust, Veles is untargetable by anything happening above, and can tunnel and move under the soil for the next 2 seconds. After re-fire or after the duration expires, Veles bursts out of the ground, dealing damage in an area around him, engulfed in Lingering Underworld Essence. This Essence is a buff that lasts for the next 5 seconds that lowers the Physical and Magical Protections of all enemies near Veles.

Recommended Core Items:
Sovereignity (For Support), Stone of Gaia (For Solo and/or Support), Eye of the Jungle(?), Crusher (?) (For Jungle), ??? (Mid)

"Who are you supposed to be, again? Eh, doesn't matter, you look like you'd fit perfectly in the Underworld" (to Chernobog)
"I have let you 'borrow' my powers for far too long, Yaga. My patience has grown thin with your antics in my forest." (to Baba Yaga)
"A Sky Tyrant, no better than Perun! Well, atleast Perun has far less demigod children. ...Seriously, man, what's up with that?" (to Zeus)
"A violent Thunder God. I sure haven't seen that one before..." (to Thor)
"Stick to the flute; leave the fighting to others, granny." (to Sylvanus)
"No, Behind You!" (to Loki)
"Give me that Seasonal Glaive, Celtic-Me! Or atleast stop moaning whenever you throw it, it's weird!" (to Cernunnos)
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2022.01.23 02:29 drgs-r-bd-mk JellyFish & Open Casket - No Names

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2022.01.23 02:29 laurenjay13 Denied paid short-term disability to seek mental health treatment and I’m stressed and sad.

Denied paid short-term disability to seek mental health treatment even though my doctor heavily fought for it. Now my mental health is impacted worrying about paying bills and not losing the roof over my head while I’m seeking treatment, which is also very expensive. What a vicious cycle lol. Any advice getting through this?
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2022.01.23 02:29 GRDENJYR Gardeboobs

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2022.01.23 02:29 jookco Tot - Gestorben - Todesursache : Als ich meine Großtante zum vorletzten Mal besuchte, legte ihr die Pflegerin eine Banane hin. "Iss Du sie", meinte Tante Rosa zu mir. "Dann hol' den Nussschnaps, wir beide trinken jetzt ein Stamperl!" Gestern ist sie mit 94 Jahren gestorben. Sie war ein grandioser...

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2022.01.23 02:29 Popular-Cicada1388 Out of my mind rn

I can barely even type this message I have literally never been this high before I’m watching the walking dead and I’m genuinely horrified rn.
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2022.01.23 02:29 lesstat Wtt 2 Lo runes for Ber or Jah

Just throwing it out there into the universe...if any one is intressted..
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2022.01.23 02:29 CantStopPoppin A Depressing Duality

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2022.01.23 02:29 SpiderNinja211 What’s your 87% in Gears 5?

insert body text here
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2022.01.23 02:29 TheEmojiSlayer This good?

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2022.01.23 02:29 nikerboxer Any practice tests which are similar to real exams?

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2022.01.23 02:29 Brxn74 anyone know how many wins away headliner diaz is from getting an upgrade?

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2022.01.23 02:29 pleasebecarefulguys I dont care about internet points, God, Blast, Black Sperm is ruined

Its just badsly written now.... story completely changed from web and to worse.... I loved that huge mytho of god.... it was trully awesome better than Void century IMO...... God is now real he gives powers, he has centepede to protect him, protect god wtf.... while in we he still could just be hoe emperrors imagination....
I will just accept it as it is I guess...
I wouldnt be surprised if web will have different story completelly
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2022.01.23 02:29 EBeewtf Immersion Blender Or Blender Blender?

Okay. So I want to start making more soups, especially creamier ones. Usually I’d use a potato masher to mash white beans and maybe a blender to blend squash, but I had a shit blender and threw it away. So, do I buy a better blender, or get one of those boat motor things (immersion blender)?
I was also thinking of getting a small food processor. Is this a waste of money?
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2022.01.23 02:29 JeromeIsntHere Another Mini-Guide Vid!

Here's another mini-guide this time for Feng Wei. Once again, feedback would be appreciated and I'd be grateful if ya'll could check out my twitch or YouTube :)
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2022.01.23 02:29 reanneyeo2007 when you buy an expensive chair for your baby but they still use the cheap one anyway ;-;

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2022.01.23 02:29 gingco1 How do you connect with or spend time with God?

Hey folks this is my first post here so hopefully it follows the rules.
Anyhow I find myself curious how you all approach spending time with God? -Does where you are influence how you interact with him? For instance being in the car versus at home or church -what components or activities make up your interactions? -are there attitudes that you think are important? -any particularly useful resources?
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2022.01.23 02:29 twistycarrot NYS TA Certification Help

I’m not sure if any of you took the TA Certification (level 1) at any point, but I’m wondering about NYS’s timeline for fully finishing the certification.
TLDR; I need to (eventually) get TA certified for my current job in special ed. I’m applying to grad school and want to speed it up so I can have it on my resume and application.
Does anyone think it’s worth it to squish my test and my DASA training into the next week? I know I can physically finish all my requirements, but if NYS takes a month to make it official then it might not be worth it.
If you have any tips or ideas, please let me know!!! it’d be SO appreciated!!!!
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2022.01.23 02:29 coalition242 Well here its is the its only one chapter (well the 2nd one is just world that they live which will be getting an update) and Don't be fooled just because its and dont worry ill be making more chapters soon but right now i need to take a break enjoy

I think you'd like this story: "Dragonknight Trilogy" by JuliusDahunan on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/290481096?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.reddit.frontpage&utm_content=share_writing&wp_page=create&wp_uname=JuliusDahunan&wp_originator=3x0c7FTalk%2Bjs9%2FAWau89bXnY6H9D4Ekkxc73E0IxCNulwi%2FN3BhUb56WDtKlbk1UbmiuJueuyzcCZHsbbyqVXPD0aY5uBdQobl%2FLpKNftD%2Buqr8PWQSCNY6oth66w2%2B
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2022.01.23 02:29 kramboll1 Hey guys! I found this (probable) ARG, anybody wanna attempt to figure some things out? It's full of codes (such as morse code and binary)

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2022.01.23 02:29 its_human_time Phineas Gage, the man who survived a train spike going through his head; taken sometime after 1849. Here he is holding the spike.

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2022.01.23 02:29 harvey22coleman The Red Dog (education)

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2022.01.23 02:29 blushing_blue Chum Bucket

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