Hey everyone! Today I want to introduce a new character, Crocodile, coming to our future game! Who wouldn't trust that big smile! What do you think his role will be in the Bite House? :)

2021.12.08 19:25 gerdoogames Hey everyone! Today I want to introduce a new character, Crocodile, coming to our future game! Who wouldn't trust that big smile! What do you think his role will be in the Bite House? :)

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2021.12.08 19:25 Tara_Flaum I swear North Carolina has better pen on her guns than Iowa

My proof, facing Iowas in Nelson is not a problem and quite easy. Fighting N. Carolina's ? Get citidelled no matter the angle. Hard counters Nelson with her AP.
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2021.12.08 19:25 smilefish123 24 F [ friendship]- long term friends?

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. I’m interested in making good friends on Reddit and want to see if I can meet people who are there for me long term. If you are interested we can talk:)
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Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. The mod team has decided to address a few issues that have come up lately.
Rules and Content Policy With Queen B and Wolf Bride currently airing for all and Surrender airing for VIP players, there's been an uptick of, well, dissonance (due to its controversial characters and/or plot) that has resulted in so many rules and content policy violations. (Feel free to read up on our rules and content policy here).
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Rule #1 of the sub literally states:

Do not insult other users or characters for their ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, race or even their choices. Play your own game and do whatever you like in it. Do not make posts or comments that violate our community standards.
Let's refrain from slurs, sexist comments, and condescending remarks, yes?

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2021.12.08 19:25 Lychaon_Nembo Oh, ma perché beccate sempre il Malmo?

Che vi ha fatto di male?
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2021.12.08 19:25 Weird-Melyne Hydra normal 1 little key

Hydra normal 1 little key
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2021.12.08 19:25 ILiekYellow Hey guys, got and ideas for a 20 minute school presentation for my english class that focuses on analysis of technology in science fiction?

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2021.12.08 19:25 BlankVerse Fox News Host Cheers Better.com CEO’s Mass Zoom Firings: ‘I Love This So Much!’

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2021.12.08 19:25 busybeeyotch I need help.

I have tried every single piece of resume and career advice over the last few years to get out of my field and none of it is working. I am not fucking around this is a cry for help. I am absolutely burnt the fuck out and nothing is working or helping. Help.
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2021.12.08 19:25 Thebestdishwasher33 I took a small order and was met by the sweetest woman ever ☺️ She gave me this coin purse she handmade and told me to have a blessed holiday! It made my whole night it’s the little things that make a huge difference! I had to share look how cute it is!!

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2021.12.08 19:25 WubDubClub If you chose the answer to this question at random what is the probability you would guess correctly?

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2021.12.08 19:25 Erutious Ghost Writer

"Mr. Fuller?"
The tall man looked up at him through a curtain of greasy black bangs, and his face was equal parts good-natured annoyance and unshakable certainty. Detective Cutter liked the annoyance, annoyed men could become angry and angry men made mistakes, but the certainty was going to make this exchange difficult. A man who was certain was a man who would play the game to win, and Detective Cutter was just as certain that this man was guilty.
"Do you know why you're here?" Cutter asked as he put the box down between them and stood leaning over Fuller. He could not have done this if Fuller was standing. Of course, if Fuller had been any further into six feet, he would have been playing basketball somewhere instead of writing crime novels. Cutter was all of five feet and only because his red Irish curls put him over. He stood over Fuller now though, not glowering but not smiling, from a position of power that Fuller's certain and almost bright smile did not seem to understand.
The game was over in the ninth inning, Holms, and now it was all over but the crying.
Fuller looked at him like a professor looks at a bright pupil who's just broken the cardinal rule and asked a foolish question, "Don't you know?" he asked in that deep, cultured voice that made Cutter want to start hitting him, "I assumed you must after two officers came to my office to collect me."
Cutter snorted, "Collect you? Mr. Fuller, you were arrested, Mirandized, and placed in an interrogation room. I'd say that's about as far from "collected" as it gets."
Fuller sighed, "Come now, Officer Cutter, we both know that if you could charge me for anything, we wouldn't be having this little chat now, would we?"
Cutter grabbed the chair next to him and spun it so he could lean against the back of it as he sat. It was a distinctly juvenile posture, but he accepted it as he settled in for a long match. He was tired, bone-weary, from chasing this guys shadow for the last three weeks, and he'd be damned if he'd let him slip away now. Marcus Fuller was going to answer for these murders if they had to sit here all week, and Cutter was settling in for the long run.
"My captain likes you for this, hell I like you for this, and we have solid evidence that if you didn't pull the trigger yourself, then you know who did."
Fuller rolled his eyes, "And why would I want to commit murder? I'm a very successful writer with two Sunday Times bestsellers Noir Award. I live very comfortably and could easily retire from writing after my next book and maintain that comfort for the rest of my life. Why would I jeopardize that by killing prostitutes and thugs?"
"Let's start with that "Prostitute" shall we?" He said as he reached into the box and took out a thick manila folder. He flipped it open onto two pictures of a pretty brunet in her early forties. The top photo showed her inviting guests into a newly opened Royal Casino, while the bottom was her being booked a few years before for solicitation. Her expression was the same in both photos; devil may care attitude with a side order or iron poise.
"Marjory Dire, the proprietor of Dire Need, was found murdered in her suite at the Seawind Resort." He flipped the page and behind it were several shots of a glassy-eyed Marjory who was no longer possessed of poise or much of anything. She lay naked across a hotel bed with a long angry cut from one ear to the other though the thick collar of blood clotting around the wound made it hard to see. "Hotel staff received a noise complaint around eleven, and hotel security found her with her throat cut at eleven-thirty."
He had hoped the grizzly scene would shock Fuller. He had hoped for revulsion, hoped Fuller would turn green or be sick in the wastebasket, or even that he would appear excited by the photos and tip his hand in front of the Detective. Instead, he studied them for a moment and then looked back at Cutter expectantly.
"Very graphic, Officer Cutter. What does this have to do with me?"
Detective Cutter reached into the box as he spoke, "The murder scene of Marjory Dire is nearly the same as the killing of Catherine Hoff in your book Hunter City." He removed a dog eared paperback from the box, and Fuller didn't seem at all surprised to see it. "If you'll indulge me, Mr. Fuller?" and before he could protest, Cutter had opened the book to the paragraph in question.
"Hold her, Jack. I'm about to send Regis a message."
As the switchblade came to life, Cat began to struggle between Jack and Anthony. Her tears made black pools of her mascara, and when Hunter lifted her chin to look her in the eye, she had long tracts down either side of her face. He waggled the blade in front of her face, and she cringed away as the steel glinted in her eyes.
"Please, Glenn, please don't do this! We can make a deal, I'll work for you instead of Regis, but please don't hurt me, Glenn." And she dissolved into shuddering sobs again.
She stopped when Hunter pressed the edge against her throat, "It's nothing personal, Cat. It's just business."
She sighed like a split seem as the knife parted her flesh and her blood poured across the swell of her modest breasts. When Hunters Gentlemen released her, she fell back onto the bed with a boneless grace. Hunter only spared her a final glance before he strode into the hall and left her alone in the makeshift abattoir.
Fuller indulged him as he read, and when Cutter finished, he only sat expectantly.
"What do you make of that Mr. Fuller?" he finally asked when it seemed Fuller would not break the silence.
Fuller shrugged, "Seems a fan of my work decided to reenact some of his favorite scenes. As I told you the first time you came snooping around my office, I was at a charity event that night. A dozen people will corroborate that I was present until well past midnight. So unless I'm under arrest for writing a compelling crime drama…"
"Are you familiar with the murder of Gerald and Jamal Smith, Mr. Fuller?" Cutter cut him off mid-sentence. Men like Fuller hated to be cut off, and he felt confident the act would unnerve him.
It didn't.
"I'm afraid I'm not," Fuller said, crossing his arms and appraising Detective Cutter with light disapproval.
"They were hired muscle for Selectmen Cane; a local crime boss in the area. All three of them also bear a striking resemblance to Boyl, Barker, and Regis Angel from Hunter Street."
Fuller rolled his eyes and sighed deeply in the back of his throat, "Do tell."
"Both Gerald and Jamal were visiting the tavern bellow Canes office when their drinks were spiked with Rohypnol. Both were large men, Mr. Fuller, and both had a lot of experience with guns, as did Boyl and Barker. Boyl and Barker, as you'll recall, were drugged by Glenn Hunter before he assailed the home of Regis Angel. Both sets were shot on the stairs as they tried to return to their boss. Their nerves dulled; they were easy prey for both Glenn Hunter and our current mystery killer. Then, of course, there's the nature of Selectman Cane's death."
"Let me guess," said Fuller, "drowned in the bath?"
He flipped through the file and settled it back onto the table, "Close, drowned in the sink."
The photos were of a man in his late fifties lying face up in a utility sink. His shoulders had been forced down into the wide basin, and his face was a spider web of cuts and scratches where the faucet had battered him. One of his eyes bulged grotesquely as his other stared glassily at the photographer. Fuller looked at this with no more interest than he had the others, and when he looked up, his eyes questioned Cutter on what he hoped to accomplish.
"He didn't catch Selectman Cane in the bath. He was forced to improvise by drowning him in a utility sink. Cane fought, but forensics says his attacker finally broke his back and forced him down into the utility sink to properly drown him."
"That's not from one of my books, Officer Cutter, as you well know."
"No, but Hunter did drown Regis Angel in a bathtub after killing his bodyguards in a stairwell. I've got the passage somewhere here." He said as he removed a copy of Hunter Street from the box as well. He turned to back and saw Fuller wince as he bent the page back to read the highlighted paragraph.
"That's more of a reaction than he had to the entire photo album." Cutter thought as his eyes found the spot.
Hunter watched as Wagner's eyes went wide as he pushed through the bathroom door. Wagner reached for the gun under his jacket, but the little silenced pistol in Hunter's hand woofed softly. He felt the angry burn as the acoustics of the bathroom turned Rise of the Valkyries into a cover for the loud wet slap of a body hitting the floor. Hunter entered the small door between the bathroom and the washroom unnoticed. As he pushed the large form of Regis Angel under the water, he was rewarded with total surprise. The old man was still quite strong and had it not been for the surprise of the attack and the slippery bathtub in which he had been lounging, Hunter thought he'd have been in for a real fight. As he drowned him, he bent over him so he could watch the life leave his eyes. "If you watch a powerful man draw his last breath, some of his spirit will be transferred to you, boy." His grandfather had told him this a thousand times if he'd told him once. As the struggling stopped and the great shadow of Regis Angel left the world, however, Hunter felt little save a deep sense of satisfaction and a staggering sense of loss.
"You're reaching, detective." Fuller scoffed, but Cutter noticed the change in title, and it seemed a victory if a small one.
"He was drowned on his back, Mr. Fuller, which leads us to believe his attacker wanted to watch him die."
"Which supports the theory of a copy cat!" Fuller barked, pushing up from his comfortable pose to glower at Cutter. "Just because you beat this dead horse over and over again Detective, does not mean it's going to give you anything but…"
"Your third book was a bit of a disappointment, wouldn't you say Mr. Fuller?"
That shut him up. He stopped mid sentence and goggled at Cutter as if he'd just grown an extra head. If Fuller wanted to play the copy cat game, Cutter was ready to drop his final damning evidence. He was more than happy to let Fuller back himself fully into this corner first, though.
Fuller blew out a long breath, "I don't see what relevance that has at all in this case."
"A dozen rewrites, not well received by the fans, and the reception to the ending was so bad you had to write a fourth book and turn the Hunter trilogy into a Hunter quartet. That had to sting a little, wouldn't you say?"
"That was a decision I made on my own." He snapped, but Cutter didn't care. He had this guy, and he knew it. The first two pieces were only the appetizers, and after he served up the main course, he'd be more than happy to give this guy his just deserts.
"Well, the most recent murder was very reminiscent of another scene from your book…"
"Oh, please, do tell! Someone kill a big stupid bruiser on the street with a machine gun? Poison a congressman? Slit a whore up the…"
Cutter threw down an open folder and watched the pompous prick deflate like an old balloon, "We had to request the manuscript from his secretary when we found out you had written a fourth novel. She was so distraught that she sent it over immediately. This, Mr. Fuller, is the reason you're here."
Fuller looked far more unsettled by these photos than anything else that day, "This can't be." He finally breathed, "I just talked to Dan last week, he was…he was…"
"Danforth Wild was murdered in his apartment last week; three days after you threatened him over social media for "stealing the premise of Hunter State for his noir series." You said you would make his regret every word published, didn't you? I guess maybe he regrets it now, doesn't he."
Fuller sat looking at the page for several seconds before closing his eyes and sighing, "He was eviscerated just like the congressman in Hunter's Stand. My agent was the only one who had a copy of the manuscript, so of course, you think…"
He closed the folder and glared up at Cutter, "Hook me to a lie detector Detective. Call my assistant and ask her where I was when Dan was killed. I have no receipts for travel, I have taken no leave from work, and you will find no way I could have done these things. Now, unless you're prepared to hold me under suspicion, I demand you release me."
Cutter stared at him for nearly a minute before shaking his head with a deep sigh. He had hoped he could grill the answers out of Fuller, but the guy was too slick for that. His captain was going to rake him over the coals for this one, and Cutter could already hear the sound of pens signing his "leave of absence" slip.
"Go then." He said, waving his hand at the door, and Fuller left with a little slam as the door shut behind him.
Three weeks of suspension from duty.
Cutter drained the whiskey from his glass and slid it back towards Mike, the barman. He had drunk his first drink at the Fighting Cock, and he thought it would probably be the place where he took his last. You shake enough trees like he had, and you were bound to have something fall on you eventually. Guys like Fuller, though, made him ache for a drink.
The door jingled, and Cutter didn't even look up until plopped down next to him.
"They thought I might find you here," said a familiar cultured voice, "I need your help."
Cutter blew a chuckle into his shot before knocking it back, "You dance around justice, get me suspended for three weeks, and expect me to…"
He flinched a little when he looked up at him. Fuller had a long jagged cut across his face, and his left eye looked like a few more punches would have broken the socket. He caught Mike's eye, and the barman seemed to be trying to decide whether to call the police or let Cutter handle this. In the end, he offered him a rag from behind the bar and slouched off out of earshot.
Fuller sat down next to him, and his eyes darted towards the door like a trapped animal, "I need you to protect me. The man whose been murdering these people has been staying with me for several months now. He's also responsible for the fourth Hunter book, and until tonight I thought his killings were something benign; a way to clean up the streets if you will. When I confronted him about Dan, though, he went crazy and tried to kill me in my apartment."
"Slow down," said Cutter as he took a pad of paper out of his pocket, "let me get some information first."
He wobbled a little on his stool as the alcohol settled over him like a cloud. The shots were beginning to catch up with him, but he wanted to be sure he got everything down verbatim. If he could bring this information to his captain, then they'd have to rescind his suspension. "Let's start with a name, who tried to kill you?"
Fuller took a deep breath before saying the last name that Cutter would have ever expected.
"Glenn Hunter."
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2021.12.08 19:25 redwhitestains Does anybody know if this game is still happening? Agar played BBL last night but he's suppose to be in the team

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2021.12.08 19:25 gelsosbdo Should I tell him?

I’m in a horrible situation and I don’t know what’s “morally” right to do.
The last guy I was seeing was the first guy I’ve ever been “serious” with. We dated for 8months but I suppose he didn’t see me in the same way (meh that’s life I guess). I cut contact about 2 weeks ago after he told me “there’s no us and I’m “an idiot for falling for him”.
I was late for two months so I took a pregnancy test and yes I’m pregnant. There’s no way I’m keeping this baby because I only want kids with a present father.
My parents are still happily married. Stupid or not, I want to be madly in love with the man I have children with. Technically I could do this all alone, I am 25 we didn’t actually have penetrative sex. So yeah I’m shocked myself but after 6 pregnancy test, I think it’s pretty much confirmed.
I want some opinions because I don’t have anyone I can confide in. My friends and family are extremely conservative and religious. I thought I’d end up marrying this guy. Do I owe him an explanation, given the circumstance?
Thanks if you did read my ridiculously long post xx
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2021.12.08 19:25 lawofohhhh Day 38 without Twitch demons in the discord server

I'm starting to lose hope
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2021.12.08 19:25 Worriedpoop And why is this not already a meme on this sub?

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2021.12.08 19:25 3GBJ BOLNA LEKCIJA ZA BAKIRA IZETBEGOVIĆA: Nije pametno ušutkivati Milanovića

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2021.12.08 19:25 Either-Lunch4515 Consolidation question

I have had a Direct Loan I've been paying on for several years in PSLF (3 yrs short of forgiveness) and an FFEL that did not qualify until the waiver. I consolidated the FFEL loan to a Direct Loan last month, on its own and not with my other original Direct loan. FedLoan indicates this new Direct loan starts the 10 yr pay off now, but my understanding is that I should have only 3 years left given the waiver states it will count previous payments under PSLF in non Direct loans. Is this correct? Should I wait and see what Student Aid says? Should I have rolled it all into one Direct? I thought they advised against that to prevent recalculated pay offs...
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2021.12.08 19:25 Ok-Gain1151 Mirambo: African Chief who is known as "Napoleon of Africa"

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2021.12.08 19:25 AstonVanilla Was GamesMaster always this boring? It's like watching your two greedy mates play each other and not let you have a go.

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2021.12.08 19:25 AdMean4217 F4F instagram of @sahindoru F4F

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