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You and I are gonna have a helluva time!

The boy replies, “I had a great time, every day daddy threw me out of the boat and I had to swim back to shore.” Mother says, “That sounds horrible.” The boy replies, “It wasn’t so bad, the hard part was getting out of the bag.” 24. People afraid of pedophiles need to just grow up 25. Bill Conti song, "Gonna Fly Now", which is the theme to the "Rocky" Movie series. I have noticed they give out straight reds much easier though. In 20 if you slide tackle a player and get no ball, it was a yellow. In this game, you can slide tackle a player in midfield (not a breakaway) and you can get a straight red if you only hit the player A Change Is Gonna Come Lyrics: I was born by the river / In a little tent / Oh, and just like the river, I've been runnin' / Ever since / It's been a long / A long time comin', but I know / A ... And so, as I stated at the outset, we know what's gonna happen: You'll go and you'll have a good time. All that said, it may be helpful to address briefly some of the serious critiques of Tootsie ... “You still got his 30. I had to get physical with him and I got 30.” He further added, “You know, you have some guys saying man is too tired to play defense. But the whole idea is to stop the other guy, stop the other guy and trying to stop him and make him work. And if you didn’t make Michael work, he was gonna embarrass you.”

2021.12.08 19:50 AmaterasuWolf21 You and I are gonna have a helluva time!

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2021.12.08 19:50 ZeroChanceofWinning One of the best "Jury Speaks" segments...Penner in Philippines

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2021.12.08 19:50 peacelovearth [wts] ula circuit

Brand new, never used I just have too many packs. Comes with hip belt, size small S straps. 200 shipped https://imgur.com/a/porlkGn
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2021.12.08 19:50 sf340b FPR1 Containerized Cruise Missile Launchers...(Hype or Hoax?)

These vids seem to get deleted (and for dang good cause I might add) but mods..may I have some slack cut?

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2021.12.08 19:50 bigkinehaole Former Padres and Orioles coach Wayne Kirby was unable to strike deal with Angels on coaching position, sources tell the Athletic

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2021.12.08 19:50 SmugNorseFairy I stayed behind while my buddy attempted Round Top in Tahoe. No success but great photos!

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2021.12.08 19:50 jaguar_loco Paul Dentons Fate [Deus ex 1]

Hello all,
I'm playing Deus ex 1 for the first time and enjoying it quite much, it's a brilliant game.
Well anyway, when UNATCO raids the hotel, I stayed with Paul and killed all of the attackers and he survived and told me he'd meet me in Hong Kong. As it goes I get captured by Gunther and end up at the MJ12 base.
Well, I learn that Paul is dead. Isn't he supposed to survive if I stay and fight in the hotel? On the wiki it says he's supposed to live

Later, if JC helped Paul out of the attack, he encounters him in the medical lab of the MJ12 complex beneath UNATCO HQ, where Paul tells JC about the explosive killswitch of mechanically-augmented soldiers like Anna Navarre and Gunther Hermann, which is activated by uttering a single phrase (killphrase).
Well I just got his dead body. I'm kinda bummed out, since I'm trying to get everything out of the game. I would go back in saves but I would have to play trough the whole level again. I would do it, if it was somehow guaranteed he'd be alive, but I fear I would play trough the whole level again and just end up in the MJ12 base with a dead Paul again.
What do?
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2021.12.08 19:50 yahmsTV About to purchase Alpha Mini, will it bolt onto F-GT Lite?

I'm about to pull the trigger on an Alpha Mini, but currently trying to figure out if the mounting pattern matches up with my NLR F-GT wheel mounting plate. Does anyone have experience with this?
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2021.12.08 19:50 FirePuff12 Summit 12 tmrw, but Never forget Mango’s INSANE Losers Run @ Summit 11

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2021.12.08 19:50 photogillery Nothing illegal going on here

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2021.12.08 19:50 DuineDeDanann Might be quitting my job for the second time in a year

I left my last job because the new company offered me a 30k raise.
It was a life changing amount of money, and my old boss totally understood and we're still on good terms.
My old job was a hell of a lot better than my grueling salesjob before, but this current job is actually a lot less work for much more pay. Because I'm in-house, so essentially only have 1 big client instead of 6.
Since joining I've gotten another 12% raise, and a ton of stock - though I can't access it for 2 years. (Golden handcuffs kinda deal)
Now I've been recruited by another company in the same field, and they're offering me $45k more than I'm being paid now.
Problem is, i really like my job where i don't have to work much. My boss is pretty anti work, and really values family over work and has said so openly. He doesn't take meeting after 5, and never messages over the weekends or when I'm on time off.
So the dilemma is, am I being ungrateful for "chasing the bag"? I have a good situation, but i can't help but feel in a capitalist society, that making that much more money would improve my life, even if i have to work a lot harder. On top of that, my department is basically me, my boss, and another new guy, who's only been there 2 months. I feel guilty about wanting to leave, but it feels wrong to feel guilty?
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2021.12.08 19:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See EwanCrypto's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/DGV4El8qzR

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2021.12.08 19:50 Western-Jury Anyone else have a pit of anxiety in your stomach just thinking about having to go to church this Christmas?

I’m just not even going to go into how fucking idiotic it is that there will be churches packed like sardines with mostly elderly folks as covid reaches spikes similar to winter 2020.
I was raised catholic and even as a small child I just always hated the place. Something about it didn’t sit right with me ever. As I got older I just grew more and more annoyed with all of it. The anti-choice homilies, the creepy ass predatory priests who took advantage of their power, the anti-evolution BS. I wasn’t raised liberal but once I learned how to read there was no stopping it lol.
I never used to think of it this way, but in the last couple years I’ve been treating unrelated PTSD and now I recognize that the heart racing, stomach tightness, and simmering anger I feel waking into a church is something along the lines of trauma. Nothing tragic happened to me at church thankfully, it’s more of a long term exposure to something that gives me so much anxiety more so than an abrupt and serious trauma.
Just typing this because I’m already nervous about having to go when I visit home and I figured a lot of you could probably relate. Hope it’s not too rough for any of you. We got each other I guess.
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2021.12.08 19:50 Sharpsnooterthered ‘Pork’ is feeling festive tonight!

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2021.12.08 19:50 mrose16 I was scammed by Gupta Capital Group out of $2,150

I’ve been applying for jobs on Indeed because my job contract is expiring by the end of the year and by next year I won’t have a job. I was contacted through Indeed by Gupta Capital Group (investment group based in Dallas, TX—yes, they are real) saying I was a fit for a job they had and that I should schedule an interview. I interviewed with them through chat (dumb, yes I know) and a day later they offered me the job. They offered me a contract, and it looked legitimate. A person by the name of Gary McNeil offered me the job. I have no clue if he’s real or not, but he does have a LinkedIn.
They told me that I would need some equipment to do my work. Gary sent me a check of $2,450 and told me to put it in my bank through mobile deposit. I did (extremely dumb, I know) and a day later it was in my account. Gary messages me (on a Saturday oddly enough) and tells me to send $300 of that through Zelle to a person named Walter Richardson. He also tells me to withdraw $2,150 from my bank account and send it to Walter through Bitcoin. I did both (extremely dumb, I know) and after that he never contacted me again.
By this point I knew I was scammed, and so on Monday I went to my bank and asked to get a new checking account and see if I could get that money back. They were able to stop the Zelle, but they said I needed to pay them the $2,150 back. Since I’ll be unemployed soon, I don’t have that kind of money.
I’ve been freaking out and I don’t know what to do. I would just go out and get a quick warehouse job, but I have a physical disability and can’t do manual labor. I’m also a student and have bills to pay. I was hoping someone here could offer me advice. This situation is so screwed up and Gupta Capital should be sued.
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2021.12.08 19:50 Euqiom Cover from jandek "ready for the house" album

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2021.12.08 19:50 PolinaPetrovaa This Actually Made Me Emotional :( I Will Do All I Can to Save You Lotus!

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2021.12.08 19:50 KEVIN_WALCH Did no one else notice this?

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2021.12.08 19:50 Chonimex Car caused a single-vehicle accident but didn't hit the car - whose insurance pays? [USA]

Car A takes a left on a green (when he should be yielding) and causes a car coming head on to swerve, hit a wall, and cause damage to his vehicle (Car B). There was no contact between Car A and Car B. The only damage is to Car B's vehicle and a wall. Does Car A's insurance pay for the accident/damage to Car B?
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2021.12.08 19:50 scoobsboob I was trying to cosplay a villager!

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2021.12.08 19:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $BTC #Bitcoin! See Nogoddamnit's idea on TradingView below. https://t.co/Ikjd4Cf8sj

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2021.12.08 19:50 MatheusBraga2 How do I write this sentence?

Sie können Kinder zu lernen zwingen.
Sie Können Kinder zwingen zu lernen.
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2021.12.08 19:50 TheDocks Any examples of twin males causing issues with succession in medieval Europe?

Wierd question but I was just thinking about how brothers fought over thrones sometimes and realized twins would probably throw a wrench in if they both had a fairly equal claim. Did it ever happen?
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2021.12.08 19:50 saeyounggg Commissioned art I made some time ago! The love pillar, Mitsuri Kanroji and the insect pillar Shinobu Kocho!!!

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2021.12.08 19:50 Timely-Ad4687 How to message a girl I like

Hi all, there's this girl that I have on social media. We have a few mutual friends, I added her around 2 years ago and we messaged back and forward a few times but it didn't really go anywhere so we didn't really speak for a good year or so but I have noticed that she tends to like most of the things I post these days (I post once every few weeks). She doesn't seem to have many followers, only around 130 and she seems a bit introverted but I do think she's attractive. How do I start talking to her?
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