Bass case suggestions please!

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2021.12.08 19:40 onudog Bass case suggestions please!

Hey, I want to get my boyfriend a better case for his favorite bass guitar for Christmas. His main complaint with the one he has is that it isn’t supportive and the guitar moves around inside. His bass is a Fender Jazz Bass, Mexican made, with maple body and neck. I have no idea where to start looking, suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks in advance!!
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2021.12.08 19:40 MyMilkshakesIsACat I am giving my two weeks notice tomorrow

I have worked retail jobs on and off since 2006, I have never been satisfied and have continued to struggle with my mental health. I left my full time position as a Shift Supervisor for six years in August of 2020 to step down as a part time Sales Associate at another store closer to my house.
It has been an absolute Hell on earth. The way the customers have treated me has left me so hollow and sad. I hate work and I don't care about my coworkers or the store. It's a 24 hour pharmacy and it is a nightmare.
We got a fairly decent raise a couple months ago and that made it possible for me to buy a new computer. Immediately, I started looking for a new job. I updated my resume and got right to it, within 6 days I have got three offers!
One is a great fit for me and I accepted! I have quite a bit of time until the training starts so I can finish my two weeks and work all the way through and work Christmas Day because we get double pay then.
I just want everyone to know that if I can do this, as an extremely average 33 year old with NO DEGREE and only retail experience then anyone can. Retail has its merits and I am grateful to the jobs and managers that have given me a chance. I have learned so much, mostly how NOT to treat others, how to be patient, how to deescalate tense situations and when it's appropriate to be charming and funny haha!
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2021.12.08 19:40 Tanjiro_kun24 Hope you guys are having a good night ! F28

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2021.12.08 19:40 AppliedLogic45 Reflections today - Volume must be way up

I’ve added almost 4B in reflections so far today which is more than I can remember in a single day. Really look forward to the growth of this one.
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2021.12.08 19:40 Illiterate_B muy buena peli, recomendada

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2021.12.08 19:40 Carnagexb29 I'm back!!!

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2021.12.08 19:40 Acrobatic_Quiet_8841 I Have a NTFS drive with steam games, i can't write or run games on the drive

Hello, Recently I have dual booted Ubuntu 20.04 with Windows 11. and I have a separate drive It has all My Steam Games But It's formatted in NTFS(bc it was made pre-dual boot) and now I want to tell my steam(Linux) to go to [my games drive] but when i do it throws an error
'New Steam library folder must be on a filesystem mounted with execute Permissions'
wat did i do wrong
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2021.12.08 19:40 ConstantCover1 What's the argument for CeeDee Lamb over Justin Jefferson as the dynasty WR1?

For the past year or so, I've found myself pretty surprised that there are some people on this sub and on Twitter who confidently argue that CeeDee Lamb is the clear WR1 overall in dynasty. Full disclosure, I'm a Vikings fan (rip) and have had the pleasure of owning JJ in my main dynasty league. But from a stats perspective, I feel like it's been pretty clear that CeeDee is, at the very least, a notch below JJ in dynasty value. CeeDee has put up four duds (games under 10 pts in PPR), while Jefferson has only put up one this season. Meanwhile CeeDee has put up only three games >20pts while Jefferson has put up five during that same span. On top of that, Jefferson is on pace to follow up rookie record for yards by shattering the record for most yards for a WRs in his first 2 seasons.
Is there something I'm missing here? I understand that Dak Prescott is much more conducive to WR success long-term than Kirk Cousins (though Kirk is having an MVP level 2021 season stat-wise, fight me), but that hasn't necessarily led to superior production so far for CeeDee even while Gallup was injured. I'm not trying to gas my boy JJ up in any way, and genuinely am curious as I don't like to let homerism impact my dynasty opinions.
I'll also add that I understand that a lot of people take a tier-based approach when evaluating dynasty players (especially WRs). I hear you and I get it, but I'm really looking for a more nuanced explanation from people who genuinely believe that CeeDee is a superior dynasty asset to JJ other than the casual "CeeDee better" twitter reply under all of PFF's tweets commemorating Jefferson's accomplishments lol
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2021.12.08 19:40 Kohikoma28 Who are some good youtubers for daytrading options?

I'm looking to better understand strategies relating specifically to what makes sense when intraday option scalping is the focus.
I enjoy Matt Diamond fine but his methods are very short timed and specific to opening setups mostly.
Just searching on youtube is... not that fruitful.
Anyone know good ones?
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2021.12.08 19:40 pizzapizza7 Dragonite in 2 mins - 5773 3773 8528

Adding 5
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2021.12.08 19:40 kjl92 Just some dad content for the TL

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2021.12.08 19:40 Medusa_h Could this be..?

Sometimes my stomach hurts, lately I've been trying to document myself about Chakras and about healing.. I've realized that where I'm hurting is sometimes my solar plexus chakra and my sacral chakra, could it be I have blockage and need healing or is just stomachache?
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2021.12.08 19:39 dylanisbetterthanyou Remastered

If I buy the remastered version, will it save my progress from the regular one?
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2021.12.08 19:39 big_papa_geek Be honest... you sucking the foam out of this?

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2021.12.08 19:39 hellasickpepe Some gas station in BC, Superia 400, Canon AE-1 50mm

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2021.12.08 19:39 call_me_refraktor Aerialbots, attack! 🚀📸

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2021.12.08 19:39 EdwardtheElderly I have an glitch

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2021.12.08 19:39 marcelomrdemelo Moléculas BEQ (2021.10) - Betanina, o sensível corante natural vermelho-rosa da raíz de beterraba, empregue em gelados, laticínios, e muito mais

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2021.12.08 19:39 TJeffersonsBlackKid How much of a disaster would it be if teams gave away what they’re named after as a promotional item?

Inspired by the off-season and this post, this is an analysis to figure out how much of a disaster would it be if teams gave away what they’re named after as a promotional item?
New York Yankees
*Giving away a Yankee might cause some issues for anyone from south of the Missouri Compromise. They also are known as being “Damn Yankees” so taking one home might incur the wrath of your deity of choice. Probably won’t cause too much of an issue apart from over-crowdedness at stadium while people try to keep their Yankee from invading Virginia. 3/10 on the disaster scale.
Boston Red Sox
*Shouldn’t be a problem and would be a cool promotion. I am sure it must have been done at least once. Being cold AF can make a pair of socks come in handy. Kids might be disappointed. 1/10
Tampa Rays
*“Fuck y’all” –Steve Irwin
*If tanks are provided, each fan might have some trouble lagging it around. Luckily there probably a lot of empty space even on “Free Sting Ray Night”. If there is no tank than I don’t know wtf you could do. Probably could expect some serious fish murder. After the game, you don’t have to take it home. You can throw it into the bay like it is the Lombardi Trophy or something. 8/10
Toronto Blue Jays
*The Rodgers Center would be a blast but then probably be covered in shit like it was FedEx Field or something. 2/10
Baltimore Orioles
*Would cause a bit less trouble than Toronto as the Orioles would probably have a great time flying off into Camden Yards. Probably would also shit on the field but no one will notice any difference from their current outfield situation. 2/10
Chicago White Sox
*See Red Sox. Would be a great giveaway for everyone over college age. Once you reach a certain point, underwear and socks become a great Christmas gift as opposed to a lame gift that Aunt Candice sent you. I would wear the fuck out of those socks. 1/10
Cleveland Indians Guardians
*Sorry General Custer.
*Guardians would be nice for all the orphans that live in Cleveland. The legal paperwork for the Harbaugh brothers to hand over custody of the state of Ohio would be troublesome. 2/10
Detroit Tigers
*This would be the first absolutely rad and absolutely deadly giveaway on this list. However, even if every citizen in Detroit got a free tiger, it still probably would not break the top 10 causes of death in Detroit. 9/10
Kansas City Royals
*Royalty is banned by the United States constitution so we would have to expound to foreign royals. Might be dope to get a Saudi prince to hang out with. That one British pedophile dude would suck. Explaining the difference between baseball and cricket to some snob who is used to everyone kissing his ass would make for a weak experience at the ballpark. 2/10
Minnesota Twins
*Children? Kitties? Boobs? Assuming that twins means twin children, that would be a pain in the ass to try to coral a couple of kids. Maybe they can team up with Cleveland’s giveaway and solve all their problems. 4/10
Houston Astros
*Receiving a giant flaming ball of gas could be problematic. If you did survive the game and made it home with your planet destroyer, you would then need to find a place to put it and it would probably burn your house to the ground and destroy the rest of the solar system pretty quickly. Would definitely be the most deadly giveaway and wiping out humanity would be the second worst thing the Astros organization has ever done. 10/10
Seattle Mariners
*Would be fun to get drunk with a sailor and sing songs or some shit. This would be one of the better giveaways. Free mariner night would be a hit. 2/10
Oakland A’s
*Getting free copies of The Athletic would be disappointing. Just ask Tre Young.. However, you would get something to use as a fan or shield you from the sun while you watch the A’s beat the fuck out of the Angels with a bunch of players you have never heard of. 1/10
Los Angeles Angels
*While this seems like a great giveaway, it is important to note that the LA team from Anaheim has never specified if these are not fallen angels. You could be dealing with demons here. Rolling the dice between the Angel Gabriel and Apollyon would be pretty wild and we could see some intergalactic fights breaking out when Mephistopheles gets drunk and tries to fuck with Michael the Archangel. Probably a better fight than whatever the Salt Lake City Bees Advanced Team can put up. 10/10
Texas Rangers
*Getting a free cop to take home would help if you need to have some speeding tickets alleviated or if you are planning on invading Mexico. If would also be easier to get Corey Seager arrested for robbing the Rangers blind if there was several thousand rangers in the stands. Would probably be one of the more positive giveaway experiences. 3/10
Atlanta Braves
Ah, General Custer! You have returned!
*Receiving a DVD copy of Disney’s 2012 film about a redhead archer in Scotland would be fun for the kids. Hell free movies would always be dope. Subscribers to Disney Plus would be disappointed but hey, you get to watch the World Champs. How much can you really complain? 1/10
Philadelphia Phillies
*A Philly is apparently a horse lover according to google. I am not sure if this is a reference to Mr. Hands or my weird ass classmate name Stacia who was obsessed with horses whilst banging the janitor. Either way, we are probably in for a world of trouble as there is no kind of horse lover who isn’t a bit nuts. Could definitely be an exciting giveaway but could also be as disappointing as the last five years have been for Phillies fans. 5/10
New York Metropolitans
*Giving out people who live in big cities could be annoying as they would automatically be loud and smell weird. Just because they are from the big city does not guarantee that they are Mets fans either. Could be a problem, probably won’t cause an issue. (This is also the scouting report for every team playing the Mets since the 80s). 3/10
Miami Marlins
*Now we are back to some conventional trouble. While a Marlin can be delicious, it would pose the same problem as the Rays. Less stinging and dying though. The whole place would smell like fish. On a humid Miami day, that could be some serious trouble. 6/10
Washington Nationals
*As a means for clearing out the Charlottesville prison, you all get to take a racist guy home with you just like my sister did. This would also cause trouble at the ballpark as there are many POC on the Washington Nationals and the racial epithets would get out of hand. Definitely some fireworks. 9/10
Milwaukee Brewers
*This would mean you get to drink beer in a ballpark known for beer by someone who knows how to make beer. This would be a 10/10 experience so long as you don’t get smashed and are still conscious when Josh Hader comes out of the pen to wrap it all up. 3/10 because lots of alcohol and the NL Central always leads to problems.
St. Luis Cardinals
*Once again, the stadium would be covered in shit like the other bird teams. It would be unpleasant to stick around. Since the take home Cardinal would be the source of you going home disappointed, you can name yours Chris Taylor. 2/10
Chicago Cubs
*OMG THIS WOULD BE ADORABLE. Assuming that the mama bear won’t be there, this would be a ton of fun. No idea at what age bears start eating people but you could probably keep a cute pet for a few years. Chicago Bears also don’t really devour anything and are more likely to just shit all over the place. 5/10
Cincinnati Reds
*You get a communist to hang out with you for several hours! Unfortunately, this is not some Bolshevik badass who is willing to die to seize the means of production, rather you get a smelly barista from Portland. Either way, trying to explain why Joey Votto is the most underrated player of all time would fall on deaf ears. “Why don’t they just redistribute his stats to the rest of the team? The only reason why the Reds farm strategy has never worked is because it has never really been tried!” You have to imagine some will hear about multi-million dollar contracts and try to start the revolution. 5/10
Pittsburgh Pirates
*Yo ho! This would be a blast but the swashbuckling madlad would probably take your credit card and buy a few bottles of rum which would bankrupt you. Still, you get to sing shanties and watch baseball with the best view in the league. Probably will cause trouble as the Pirates try to mutiny against the organization but could be loads of fun. 4/10
San Francisco Giants
*Holy fuck this would be dangerous. Tens of thousands of Giants would probably trip and fall into Macovey Cove and cause a Tsunami in Oakland and San Fran. Maybe this is God’s biblical level of judgement for calling these cities “The City” and “The Town”. Stop calling it that and we will stop calling them “Frisco” and “The former home of the Oakland Raiders”. Anyway, a giant giveaway would be extremely dangerous and have tons of fatalities. 10/10
Arizona Diamondbacks
*The catalyst for this list! The Onion’s article is off as there wouldn’t be 16,000 fans in Chase Field unless they were playing the Dodgers. Mass catastrophe and death either way. 10/10
LA Dodgers
*You get a trolley dodger who would be even more hard to keep from running off that the twins. Mass panic and hysteria likely. Maybe no fatalities but still, a very unpleasant experience at Dodger Stadium with the possibility of a lot of dead people. Not unlike any other decisive October game at Chavez Ravine. 5/10
San Diego Padres
*You get to hang with priest! Or is it just a dad? That does make a huge difference as baseball with a dad would be a lot more fun than with a priest. Still, no casualties but maybe some tax breaks for taking ownership of a priest. 1/10
Colorado Rockies
*Every person at the game gets a mountain to take home! Mass casualties and you would end up getting completely buried. Just like…come on, you get the idea. 10/10
Thank you aweinschenker for his idea which can be found here. I had a blast. Now I gotta get back to work…
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2021.12.08 19:39 stectec101 My warzone turned into modern warfare and the name is "iw8 ship" I have not the slightest clue what the developers of this game are on.

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2021.12.08 19:39 Prize-Ad1374 Does anyone know a app where i can watch euphoria for free bcs i cant afford hbo max

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2021.12.08 19:39 Hopeful_Preference47 I am a former skid row homeless meth heroin convict who spent years on the street, jail and rehab. AMA

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2021.12.08 19:39 Falldren ARCADIA DAY 1 SET TIMES SUNDAY 10.12

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2021.12.08 19:39 Cline_West Astrum Militia

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2021.12.08 19:39 Fat_and_Bald Does anybody have any recent projections for when the Forest Hill construction is due to wrap up?

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