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Wanna play?

2021.12.08 19:32 lukmly013 Wanna play?

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2021.12.08 19:32 Eclectic-Panda [25] Just letting it all hang out

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2021.12.08 19:32 Extra_Philosophy_928 Tisas 1911

Is the Tisas 1911 a true milspec as the Springfield MilSpec is?
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2021.12.08 19:32 1994miata Make assumptions about me.

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2021.12.08 19:32 Obzezzed350 NSV: decided today to just send it

I’m 100 classes in my OTF journey, current paces 6/8/9.5. Had a few 30 second AOs here and there at 10-10.5 if I felt froggy. Today, was just absolutely feeling it (ironic because I got 4 hours of sleep with a teethy toddler). In the last block of 6 AOs today, I started with 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.5, 11. I decided to go full send and hit 12 for the finale, wow that’s a wild ride! Crazy some folks can do that for a mile.
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2021.12.08 19:32 Issax28 "I always knew NA was predictable" -ScreaM bringing back his statement from Masters Iceland

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2021.12.08 19:32 Screamingturtlenut Do you gain anything from having leaders as prisoners

Do faction leaders provide any sort of change when enslaved or captured and does wiping out a faction do anything
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2021.12.08 19:32 ryhjhgj a hedge fund returns $10000 with your retirement. they keep 20% ($2000). should this $2000 be taxed as ordinary income or long term capital gain?

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2021.12.08 19:32 BjornLakenstrazen What's the most comical catastrophic "oops" someone had while on the job?

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2021.12.08 19:32 Randomuser1175 How long does it take for the negative side effects of contact lenses to set it?

So basically I’ve started wearing contacts full time for around 16 hours a day. I’ve seen poeple says it’s caught up with them and now have dry eyes or cannot wear them anymore, so far I’m having no issues that can’t be fixed in a day or so but I’m scared of damaging my eyes. Anyone able to give me some advice?
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2021.12.08 19:32 Elliottafc1 Sajid Javid says Omicron Covid cases could exceed 1 million in a month

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2021.12.08 19:32 philoPhreak_m22 Due to DNA analysis not being 100% accurate, there has probably been at least one person wrongly convicted based on DNA analysis.

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2021.12.08 19:32 Retropug_ I am having this glitch where all character models are blacked out. Anyone know a fix for this?(Im playing on Pc)

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2021.12.08 19:32 DependentSad1389 How do I take better nudes or booty pics?

I can take a good one here and there but literally can’t take any good ones.. I am wanting to create more content..
I was told recently that recording a video then screenshoting parts of it for best pictures?
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2021.12.08 19:32 Successful_Mobile189 Wash Sales - Across Multiple Accounts, Shares, and Options

Warning - Long Post.... 2 reasons for this post:
#1 - Hoping it will be a good reference for the next guy like me, who is trying to get educated on the proper ways to report wash sales, and learn from past dumb mistakes
#2 - Hoping some of the more knowledgeable people on here point out any of these that I've gotten wrong - I'll correct my post if they do, so that the examples are useful to others
These are real world examples that I'm trying to get straight, presented in order of complexity:
1. Simple Wash Sale Options Loss - Wash Sale into Share Purchase Taxable / Unregistered Trading Account
02/26 (2x) MRNA Feb 26th $160 Calls expire worthless (cost was $0.71 each / -$142 Loss) 03/17 (+19 days) Buy 30 shares of MRNA in the same account @ $143 04/16 Sell all 30 shares @ $172
I've carried the -$142 loss from the (2x) options contracts (Note: which were "controlling" 200 shares) forward to the (30x) MRNA shares cost basis. Realize a $728 gain on 04/16 rather than the whole $870 from uncorrected share sale alone.
It "doesn't matter" that the -$142 loss was for 200 shares (2x options), and the share purchase was only for 30 shares, I carry the whole $142 forward? (i.e. I don't need to split it and realize (170/200) of the loss against the options 02/26 and only carry forward (30/200) of the loss to the 30 shares?)

2. Prior Options Contract Opened / Closed Taxable / Unregistered Trading Account
03/04 "Tax Loss Harvest" 40 shares of AMD @ $77, $90 Cost Basis, -$520 Loss Shares had been purchased in January
02/05 (-27 Days) had bought (1x) AMD Feb 21st $91 Call for $1.55 BUT - Sold that Call 02/12 for $3.50
Since the Option Buy within the -30 day period had already been Sold, Before the "Tax Loss Harvest" share sale....I can ignore the 02/05 Option / No Wash Sale / Take $520 Loss against 40 shares 03/04?

3. Lose a "Tax Loss Harvest" to a ROTH Account
03/05 "Tax Loss Harvest" 40 shares of HD @ $247, $267 Cost Basis, -$800 Loss Shares had been purchased in 2020
03/16 (+11 Days) Buy (1x) HD April 16th $270 Put in a separate ROTH Account for $3.10 Option expires worthless April 16th
$800 Loss from the Taxable / Unregistered Trading Account is considered a Wash Sale - the $800 Loss moves to the ROTH Account (+11 Days) later - and you cannot recover that as a Capital Loss (Permanently Lost to ROTH Account), there isn't a way to "get it back" into the Taxable account through additional sales / buys?

4. Share Sale - Wash Sale - Split Among Multiple Options Contract Purchases Taxable / Unregistered Trading Account
03/04 "Tax Loss Harvest" 60 shares of FSLR @ $77, $97 Cost Basis, -$1,200 Loss Shares had been purchased in January
02/17 (-15 Days) Had Purchased (4x) FSLR April 16th $105 Calls for $4.75 (Note: "controlling" 400 Shares) Options expire worthless April 16th
02/18 (-14 Days) Had Purchased (2x) FSLR April 16th $105 Calls for $3.75 (Note: "controlling" 200 Shares) Options expire worthless April 16th
I've carried the -$1,200 Loss backward into the Options contracts noted - (400/600) or -$800 to the first contracts, and (200/600) or -$400 to the 2nd contracts.
Although I've only sold 60 shares to realize the initial $1,200 Loss, I should split the loss evenly across all 600 controlled shares in the (6x) options contracts? (i.e. I shouldn't absorb the entire -$1,200 for 60 shares into the initial (4x) contracts, since 400 shares is more than 60 shares?)

5. Similar to #4 - except the Options Contracts are Split between Taxable and ROTH Accounts
03/04 "Tax Loss Harvest" 40 shares of ARKK @ $115, $150 Cost Basis, -$1,400 Loss Shares had been purchased in February
02/18 (-14 Days) Had Purchased (2x) ARKK March 19th $165 Calls for $2.25 (Note: "controlling" 200 Shares) In the same Taxable Account Options expire worthless March 19th
03/09 (+5 Days) Buy (1x) ARKK Mar 19th $110 Put in a separate ROTH Account for $1.70. The Put is sold for $2.20 03/10
Here, I've split the -$1,400 Loss on 40 shares from the Taxable Account partially Backward into the (2x) 02/17 Options contracts noted in the same account - (200/300) or -$930, and partially Forward into the (1x) 03/09 Options Contract noted in the ROTH account (100/300) or -$470.
Although I've only sold 40 shares to realize the initial $1,400 Loss, I should split the loss equal weighted across all 300 controlled shares in the (3x) options contracts noted before and after the sale? (i.e. I shouldn't absorb the entire -$1,400 for 40 shares into the initial (2x) contracts I owned in the same account, since 200 shares is more than 40 shares?
Or, I shouldn't move the entire -$1,400 Loss for 40 shares across into the ROTH Account against the (1x) contract, which was sold 03/10 (before the 2 contracts above expired 03/19)?)

6. Option Assignment (Loss) vs Previously Purchased and Expired Option Taxable / Unregistered Account This is kind of similar to #2, but against an Option Assignment and Expired Buy
06/01 Covered Call, Sold against 400 shares of F @ $12.50, $12.80 Cost Basis, was Assigned (ITM) -$120 Loss
05/20 (-12 Days) had bought (1x) F May 28 $11.50 Put for $0.06 The Put Option had already expired worthless 05/28 prior to the Subject Option Assignment 06/01
Therefore, No Wash Sale / Ignore the Expired Put - Take the -$120 Loss against the 06/01 ITM Option Assignment?

7. Dividend Reinvestment within 30 Days of Options Expiry Taxable / Unregistered Account
04/30 (1x) AAPL April 30th $145 Call expires worthless (-$30 Loss) 04/30 (1x) AAPL April 30th $123 Put expires worthless (-$30 Loss)
05/13 Automatic Dividend Reinvestment 0.185 Shares AAPL @ $123.33 ($23.13)
Both the Call Loss and the Put Loss 04/30 have larger values than the 05/13 DRIP
Do I carry the -$60 losses from the expired options through the DRIP and into the shares?
06/11 Sell 105.3 Shares of AAPL @ $127
Can cover the $60 in combined losses with the ~$1k gain on the share sales - but is does the Wash Sale "flow through" from the -$60 in options expiry losses, through the $23.13 total value of DRIP, and into the cost basis of all the shares?
I had 100+ shares in another account similar to a traditional 401(k) - do I need to divide the $60 in losses across all shares in all accounts?

8. Multiple Options Expiries - Carrying Forward through Multiple Contracts - and Forward through Open Options into Future Years? Taxable / Unregistered Accounts
03/17 (3x) GM Mar 19th $60 Calls sold at $0.75 - Purchase Price had been AVG $0.85 (-$30 Loss)
02/17 (-28 Days) (2x) GM Apr 1st $60 Calls had been Purchased for $1.15, eventually Sold 03/31 for AVG $0.10 (-$210 Loss)
03/22 (+5 Days) (2x) GM Apr 1st $60 Calls had been Purchased for $0.80, eventually Sold 03/31 for AVG $0.05 (-$150 Loss)
02/25 (-20 Days) (2x) GM June 22 (2022) $80 Calls had been Purchased for $3.80, which are still held into the end of 2021 / into 2022
Do I roll the original (-$30) Loss as a Wash Sale into the 2nd (-$210) Loss - and then both into the 3rd (-$150) Loss - AND Finally, all (-$390) in Wash Sale / Option Sale Losses into the "Still Open" June 2022 Options Contract cost basis purchased 02/25?
Note that I've outlined sales of (7x) Options Contracts (700 Shares "controlled"), and at the moment only own (2x) Open Options contracts within the scenario. So all 700 Shares losses roll into the open 200 share contracts......or do I take losses against 500 controlled shares, and only carry (200/700) forward with the open contracts?
Note that I do have several other GM positions across other accounts (Options and Shares) - but I don't believe any of those cross over with wash sale dates - unless the open shares eventually cross over.
Thanks guys - I think those cover a lot of the possible scenarios - any corrections / advice is welcome and greatly appreciated - and as noted I'll try to correct anything as they are pointed out, so that others can use this as a reference in the future.
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2021.12.08 19:32 __gae_ all your life you’re just finding people to come to your funeral

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2021.12.08 19:32 RacyRaccoon0 A Racy Raccoon has stolen one of her majesty's finest.

A Racy Raccoon has stolen one of her majesty's finest. The raccoon was solely described as a "never-do-well" and may also be linked with a collision at Stonehenge. Arguments are still flaming over what damage came from the accident.
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2021.12.08 19:32 vlada955 Skipped giveaway

Saw a giveaway at the local store for razer headphones and thought "Nice, what should I do" then I approached and saw that I need to buy Nestle products to enter. Nah, fuck them.
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2021.12.08 19:32 victorbarst This joke takes place in the 80s. It was a different time so bear with me

A cop pulls up to the scene, assault, possible hate crime. There are three groups seperated, a woman dressed in a skirt and suit top, two construction one workers, one big one small, and a flamboyant gay guy sitting in the back of an ambulance getting his wounds treated
The cop approaches the woman first and asks "ma'am do you know what happened here?" The woman replied "well i didn't see all of it but i was on my way back to work minding my own business when that large construction worker stepped out onto the sidewalk, slapped me on the ass, and shouted "damn baby, is all that for me?" I deal with it at work enough to know its best to just ignore it and move on so i didnt see what happened after that"
The cop took down her statement and moved to the two construction workers. The smaller one immediately threw his hands up and said "i didnt do nuthin!" To which the cop asked "and what about you?" The bigger one then mumbled under his breath ".. I beat that fa***t's ass." The little one then followed by saying "now tell the whole story. We were standing here eating our lunch minding our own business when that pretty lady over there walked by. My big friend here stepped out, slapped her on the ass, and shouted "damn baby is all that for me?" After she walked off i said to him you know women hate it when you do that? And he said "what? Pay them a compliment?" And i said oh thats a compliment to you? How would you like it if someone paid you a complement like that? And he said "oh i think id love a compliment ljke that." You should get the rest from that guy over there
So the cop took that part of the story down as well and moved over to the ambulance where a man dressed in a very colorful mannner sat having a few minor injuries treated but had the largest smile on his face. So the officer approuched him and opened with "youre awfully happy for the victim of a hate crime" to which the man replied with, "well it's partially my fault i instigated it" so the cop asked "well what do you mean by that?" So the man began his story "well i was walking by minding my own business when that large handsome construction worker stepped out and slapped that lady on the ass. Then i over heard the conversation between those two, the little one asked "how would you like it if someone paid you a compliment like that?" And the big one said "oh i think id love a compliment like that"
"So I thought to myself.. Y'know... i kinda agree with that. So i walked up, slapped the big one on the ass and said "damn baby, is all that for me?"
The cop laughed his off and took the big dude to jail
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2021.12.08 19:32 HatsOnTheBeach The United States has filed a brief in the Harvard affirmative action case ; asking the court to DENY the cert petition.

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2021.12.08 19:32 leiifs I (19F) got asked out but i need to ask my parents for permission, however, theyre very protective and we never talked about these matters, how do I go about this?

Title is about it. My parents were always funny about boys, but im also 19 now... I cant tell of its fair for me assume theyre permission shouldnt really have so much power anymore, but it still matters much to me. Theyd also have to be the ones taking me, so a no would be a no :(
How should i start the convo? What do i say?
Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.08 19:32 NYC110 B-Lovee > Kay Flock

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2021.12.08 19:32 MALALECHETUBE Decreto de AMLO pone en peligro la salud democrática de México

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2021.12.08 19:32 BewBewsBoutique Ordered a fluorite online for a gift and it has this weird imperfection near the tip. Is this normal? Is something wrong with it? Is it fake?

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2021.12.08 19:32 hatchinsantoro Need to bust any takers

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