[Yahoo Sports] NBPA's Michele Roberts defends Ben Simmons, calls out Sixers GM Daryl Morey

2021.10.27 00:51 aingenevalostatrade [Yahoo Sports] NBPA's Michele Roberts defends Ben Simmons, calls out Sixers GM Daryl Morey

The NBA has tried to be more open and supportive about player mental health, and this is a very public opportunity to demonstrate how far they've come. Simmons is already facing pushback from some who feel that his mental health issues are merely a way for him to avoid playing for the Sixers, something which National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts vehemently rejects.
In an exclusive statement to Yahoo Sports' Vincent Goodwill, Roberts urged everyone to be respectful and supportive of Simmons as he works through a tough time. She also called out Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey's comments about continuing this standoff with Simmons for the four remaining years of his contract.
“Really? Is it so hard to believe that Ben’s not mentally at a place to compete? Professional athletes — like the rest of us — have difficult periods in our lives that require time and energy to heal. We have and will continue to provide Ben with the support and resources he needs to work through this. Threatening the prospect of 'another four years' serves no one’s interests. Like Tobias [Harris], I say let’s respect Ben’s space and embrace him while allowing him the time to move forward.
"So, take a breath and count to 10: We are all too good to continue to play this perpetual game of chicken.”
Full Source: https://sports.yahoo.com/nba-sixers-nbpa-michele-roberts-defends-ben-simmons-respect-understanding-153840981.html
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2021.10.27 00:51 tldrroyalty Panic attacks during penetration/insertion

It's been a few months since I was first able to successfully have penetrative sex (which I'm really happy and proud of), and it's all been with the same person (my current boyfriend of 9 months). I have penetrative sex regularly. However, sometimes when we attempt insertion, I get really tense and tight and go into a panic attack where I have trouble breathing and can't stop crying. It's so embarrassing because we have to stop so suddenly and I can't explain why it happens; I feel completely safe and comfortable with my boyfriend, and I've pretty much divorced the concept of purity and sex-shaming. Does this happen to anyone else?
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2021.10.27 00:51 RedactedNPC Light Novel 4 vs. Web Novel Comparison

LN 3 vs. WN Comparison
We're back with Light Novel 4. This book adapts the web novel chapters 151 - 160. A slight change has been made to formatting. Your feedback would be appreciated. Let me know if I should shorten the summaries or give a more direct comparison between the two stories.

Light Novel: Kumoko's Story Once Kumoko leaves the labyrinth, she chooses to travel towards the mountain. We briefly check in with the Parallel Minds who are eating away at Mother's soul. The queen taratect cannot directly attack the Parallel Minds due to their Heresy Nullification (negates any damage taken against the user's soul which the Parallel Minds are an extension of), so there's really nothing she can do but wait to die. As such, Kumoko decides to allow a battle of attrition to take place.
Suddenly, Mother blasts a hole through the layers of the Earth to escape the labyrinth. She chases after Kumoko and engages in combat, terraforming the landscape and practically glassing the surface in the onslaught. It's no exaggeration to say that any maps of the surrounding area were most likely redrawn due to the destructive prowess Mother displayed. Overwhelmed by Mother's sheer stats, numerous abilities, and above average intelligence, Kumoko teleports back to the home she set up in the labyrinth only to find an ambush by Mother's spider army waiting for her.
The spider army attacks the already wounded Kumoko. Due to her injuries, the large number of spiders, and the presence of five arch taratects who would have given even Araba a run for his money in a one on one battle, she has no choice but to run away. As she flees, she comes across a puppet taratect. In actuality it’s a palm sized spider controlling a puppet made of thread. There’s nothing like that in the evolutionary tree which means it’s some kind of anomaly. The fact that it has six arms each holding a sword also supports this theory. The puppet taratect outspeeds Kumoko and blocks her path to the Middle Stratum. The lava filled region would have been a safe haven for her given that she has fire resistance unlike her siblings, but it seems Mother considered this possibility. The arch taratects attack Kumoko while the puppet taratect merely stands guard and prevents her from advancing.
As desperation begins to settle in, Kumoko lets out a barrage of magic to keep the enemies at bay. The puppet and arch taratects are able to fend off her onslaught but the numerous lower level spiders are easily dispatched. The goal is to increase Kumoko's experience points enough to push her over the level up threshold. The arch taratects push through her magic attacks and pin her down. In a last ditch effort, Spider Girl activates Annihilating Evil Eye on the arch taratect with the lowest health. This skill deals high damage but also has high recoil. Her gamble succeeds and she levels up, healing most of her health back and regaining all her magic. Using Long Distance Teleport, she teleports past the puppet taratect into the Middle Stratum and takes her time dipping the arch taratects into the magma.
After killing the arch taratects, Kumoko decides to take some time to evolve from a Ede Saine to a Zana Horowa since she’s not on par with either the puppet taratect or Mother. Seems like Exhaustion Nullification prevents her from going unconscious when evolving, too. Neat. Oh, and she gains the skill Immortality upon evolving.
D calls and congratulates Kumoko on becoming immortal. She also mentions that Kumoko’s attack on Mother is a bug in the system, not a feature. That means Kumoko is using her divinity field, so she’s on track to becoming a god, a development D looks forward to. As a reward for becoming immortal, D offers to answer any question Kumoko has. Our heroine asks why she was reincarnated and D explains that the previous Hero (the one before Julius) and Demon Lord worked together to try and attack D who happened to be chilling in a Japanese classroom at the time. She survived but the humans didn’t. As an apology for getting them caught up in the crossfire, she reincarnated the entire class. Their bodies were chosen based on what wavelength their soul was closest to, so most of them were reincarnated as humans. Kumoko’s soul was closest to a spider, she that’s what she reincarnated as. While the latter is upset, the evil god points out that most of the humans haven’t even been born yet since Kumoko hatched 6 months early and is already a walking disaster. As the meeting wraps up, D mentions that she’s still chilling in Japan and is enjoying a comfortable life eating ice cream while watching Kumoko struggle. She hopes she’ll survive her upcoming battle, thus implying that the Immortality skill doesn’t mean she can’t be killed.
Kumoko spends the next few days teleporting back into the Middle and Upper Stratum to kill the rest of the spider army, making sure to avoid Mother who is actively chasing after her and the puppet taratect which is still standing guard at the Middle Stratum entrance. While this is ongoing, Kumoko realizes that a human sized threat is rapidly approach at mach speed. Whenever it gets too close, she simply teleports to the outside world and continues exploring.
At one point whilst floating in the ocean, one of the Parallel Minds manages to finally make contact with Kumoko. She informs her that a new challenger is approaching and is far more powerful than Mother, but the warning comes too late. A being appears on the beach after running at mach speed. She attempts to communicate with Kumoko, the latter of whom still doesn’t understand the natural language of the world. After using her Ruler authority to appraise the being, she learns that the person is named Ariel. She also happens to be the Demon Lord. At level 139, the Demon Lord outclasses every creature met up to this point due to power creep and stats above the 90,000 mark. She has more skills than anyone bothers to take the time to read. After failing to establish communication due to the language barrier, she blasts Kumoko to bits in a single blow.
After an undetermined amount of time, Kumoko regenerates enough to have a head again. Thanks to her Immortality and HP Auto Recovery skills, she will always regenerate back to full health no matter what happens to her. Probably. Anyway, her only option to recover the rest of her body is to level up since Healing Magic and HP Auto Recovery will take ages to restore her body naturally.
At this point, one of the Parallel Minds manages to get in contact with Kumoko again. They figured since they hadn’t disappeared, Kumoko must have somehow survived and so they continued their assault on Mother. They also warn her that the Demon Lord is aware that Kumoko is still alive since the assault hasn’t stopped.
After blasting enough Water Drakes with PSI Starstorm, Kumoko levels up and regains her body. Since she successfully Appraised the Demon Lord, she's able to keep track of her whereabouts at all times. Using this information, she decides to begin whittling down the spider army by teleporting to them whenever the Demon Lord gets too close to her in the ocean. Once the Demon Lord gets close to the Labyrinth, Kumoko teleports back out into the ocean and continues to run away so that her teleportation range increases.
To counteract this game of cat and mouse, the Demon Lord has increased the number of puppet taratects from one to eleven. It appears they actually serve the Demon Lord, not Mother. Six are on guard throughout the Labyrinth while five actively chase Kumoko any time she appears. They're still much stronger than Kumoko to the extent that without Immortality she would have been killed several times over. Despite this, she lures six of them into a secluded room in the Labyrinth and uses Earth magic to block the only entrance/exit. Afterwards, she fills the room to the brim with ocean water that was stored in her Spatial Storage, making sure to put away the air in the room into her Spatial Storage so she can take breathes of air as needed. Much like her, the puppet taratects float in sea water. Unlike her, they didn't spend time acquiring the Swim skill, so she blasts them with magic while staying away from them. Between the magic assault and the lack of oxygen the puppets are powerless to stop her and die.
After dispatching another of the puppet taratects, the Demon Lord decides to have the last four puppet taratects travel in a group. Since it would be difficult to fight the four together, Kumoko decides it's time to kill her mother. She teleports to her location at the Bottom Stratum and attempts to engage in combat. Unfortunately, Mother has covered the entire Bottom Stratum with her camouflaged web. Our little spider is forced to cut off her legs to narrowly escape an attack from Mother. As the battle continues, it's revealed that Mother has a plethora of traps and tricks to tilt the playing field to her advantage despite her weakened state. While Kumoko need not fear death due to her Immortality skill, if she gets knocked out, the Demon Lord will surely catch her and may find a way to kill an immortal.
Just as Mother is about to "kill" Kumoko, her two Parallel Minds return to her. Stats and skills are an extension of one's soul. Because the Parallel Minds have been eating away at Mother's soul, they've been gaining the stats she's been losing. Now that they've returned to Kumoko, the missing stats have transferred over to her. She even learned new skills that she didn't have before like Egg Laying. With her Parallel Minds back in action, Kumoko unleashes a full powered assault and kills Mother.
The Parallel Minds inform Kumoko that the original one, Body Brain, used Mother's connection with the Demon Lord to launch an attack on the latter. Now that Mother's dead, the connection is severed and there's no way for her to get in contact with them again. Kumoko chooses to leave the Labyrinth once again. This time, the Demon Lord doesn't seem to be chasing her. She decides to use this time to expand her teleportation range even further by exploring the outside world even more. She'll even do her best to keep low.
As she's relaxing by the side of the road, Kumoko spots a carriage being attacked by bandits. She chooses to save the carriage since it'll bother her if she watches the impending slaughter without doing anything. She even heals the wounded guard after the fight. Just before leaving, she notices that the baby in the carriage is a reincarnation, the first she has ever met. It's a vampire baby named Sophia Keren (original name Negishi Shouko).

Light Novel: Shun's Story Shun's party decides to travel through the Labyrinth. Normally it's only guarded in case the demons try to invade the continent through here or to prevent monsters from leaving the Labyrinth. However, there are additional soldiers from Hugo's kingdom. Since they need a way around, Hyrinth suggests an old Labyrinth guide that helped Julius in the past. They arrive at his house and convince the old Labyrinth guide to help them out. It's at this moment that Fei learns her Humanification skill and transforms into her human form. The group moves to enter the Labyrinth through a hidden entrance near a Water Dragon nest.
The moment the group jumps into the water, they're attacked by a Water Dragon. Fei defends everyone by firing a Breathe attack to which the Water Dragon responds in kind. The resulting explosion blows the group into the water tunnel. For the most part everyone is unscathed though the women have their bathing suits torn asunder. Katia also stares in jealousy at Shun who's holding Fei tightly.
Shun has a dream about a mysterious woman who repeatedly says “Skill proficiency reached" and "Experience points have reached a certain degree". The young Hero wakes with a start and remembers that he’s still in the Labyrinth. The group has gotten through the unscathed since they're quite powerful. However, they’re still at risk to a disease known as labyrinth sickness. Because there’s no way to tell how much time has passed and the ever-present threat of monsters keeps you alert, many people have physical and mental fatigue that puts them in danger. The mental wear has begun to affect even Shun.
Ms. Oka and Basgath are on guard for monsters. The former asks Shun if he’s alright given that he seemed to be having a restless sleep. Upon hearing that the young Hero had a nightmare, Basgath states that it’s most likely an omen and proudly recalls the time when he first encountered the Nightmare of the Labyrinth. According to him, it’s on par with the queen taratect yet it was still killed like any other monster by the collective forces of humanity. At this point it’s all but confirmed that the Nightmare is Kumoko given that its actions match her own.
Basgath warns Shun that there are individuals that are far stronger than him. If he ever faces such a calamity, it’s important that he turns tail and runs away so that he can live to fight another day. The Hero disagrees, stating that the fate of humanity rests on the upcoming battle and he can’t just ignore it. After all, it’s not what Julius would have done.
The group often takes breaks despite not being tired due to Anna. She isn’t a fighter and, even worse, she’s an elf. This means she doesn’t have very high physical power. Surprisingly, Ms. Oka is able to keep up just fine despite being an elf herself. Basgath asks if the group should take the short route or the long route. The difference is about 4 days. There is a third route but it has a high chance of encountering the Nightmare’s Vestiages, spider monsters which resemble the Nightmare proper. They’ve intelligence on par with humans and strength that gave even Julius’ party trouble, so it’s basically off limits. After asking the party their opinions, they decide to take the shortest route.
Almost as soon as they enter the shortest route, the party encounters an Earth Dragon. Fortunately they’re able to defeat it given that Fei’s overpowered as a light dragon. The party levels up and gains the Dragon Slayer title, but the victory is short lived. The Nightmare’s Vestiages barge into the celebration circle and surround the party. They call the party a bunch of weak reincarnations compared to their powerful master. Shun questions how they know about reincarnations and who their master is but they refuse to elaborate and leave. Basgath calls Shun a dolt for engaging in conversation and the rest of the party is pretty shook. Even Fei doesn’t think she could have fought off all the spiders since they’re at least as strong as an Earth Dragon. The only one who isn’t bothered is Ms. Oka who seems to think the spiders were cute.
The group leaves the Labyrinth by riding Fei out through the crater caused by a queen taratect’s Breath attack. Basgath departs and the party moves to a country called Sariella. This country worships the Goddess religion rather than the Word of God religion, so it’s important that Fei hides the wings that are present in her human form lest she be accused of impersonating the Goddess. As they travel to the nearby city, Ms. Oka tells Anna and Hyrinth that she, Katia, and Shun are reincarnations. She also tells the group that it is the belief of the elves that gods called administrators are forcing the humans and demons to fight in order to absorb the power they release upon their death. The more skills and stats they had before dying, the more power they release, thus making the administrators even more powerful. It is the will of the elves to prevent the administrators from doing just that. To that end, they seek to capture reincarnations to prevent them from gaining power and eventually dying, thereby releasing the power to the administrators. Whatsmore, some reincarnations such as Sophia Keren (original name in Japan was Shouko Negishi) have sided with the administrators. It should be noted that those who follow the Goddess religion believe in raising their skill levels and using a special skill called Skill Elimination to delete all their skills, thereby relinquishing power up to the Goddess.
While in town, the reincarnations minus Ms. Oka talk amongst themselves about what Ms. Oka told them. Specifically, they talk about the four dead incarnations, one of whom was named Wakaba Hiiro. Fei used to bully relentlessly back in Japan. She regrets her actions and was hoping to make amends in this new world, but those hopes are dashed now. The group also discusses Hugo. On Earth, the only person who he considered his equal and his friend is the now dead reincarnation Sakurazaki Issei. The party suspects that without Issei around to reign him in, Hugo went off the deep end and became the monster he is today.
Katia states that she doesn’t trust Ms. Oka since it seems like she’s hiding something. She warns the others to be prepared for a betrayal at some point. The group travels through Sariella to a unmarked location where they can teleport into the elven territory. Because of the barrier that surrounds the entire settlement, the only way inside is to teleport. Ms. Oka makes the group swear they won't tell anyone about the hidden teleportation cavern.
Once inside the elf village, Ms. Oka pleads with the elves standing on guard to allow her and the students to enter. The stubborn elves refuse and are about to kick them out by force when Potimas appears and grants them entry into the elven village. Shun is immediately wary of him not only because he has seemingly returned from the dead but because he Appraised Shun upon first meeting him when he was younger. In this world, it’s considered rude to Appraise another person, so doing so upon first meeting someone can be considered the same as looking down on them. It short, it's rude enough to be considered hostile.
The Hero's party learns that the Empire is marching on the elf village with a force of 80,000. They fear that if the demons catch wind of this, they'll take the opportunity to attack. For now it's important that they rest up, so they stay the night in the elf village. In the morning, they travel to where the other eleven reincarnations are being kept and Ms. Oka excuses herself. According to the reincarnations, Ms. Oka and the elves kidnapped them, bought them from their families, and used dirty methods to acquire them. They're kept in an isolated clearing within the elf village against their will and are only provided the bare necessities for their self sustained farm. Aside from that, they've no interaction with anyone but each other. The two newest reincarnations to join the elf village are former A class adventurers, Tagawa Kunihiko and Kushitani Asaka. The Hero's party fills their former classmates in on what has happened outside the elf village.
Unbeknownst to anyone, the elves are preparing to release Glorias to defend the approaching imperial and demon armies.

Light Novel: The Demon Lord's Story The Demon Lord's assistant, Balto, is delivering a battle report to the Demon Lord at a meeting with her and her generals. Three of her ten generals were killed in combat. The First Army General had betrayed the Demon Lord, so she made certain that he was killed in combat. This was accomplished by summoning one of her queen taratects to obliterate the human forces as well as "accidently" kill him. The Second Army General, Sanatoria, lost no soldiers since she used the Revenge Monkeys to capture the human fortress. Unfortunately, this means that the Revenge Monkeys actually hold the fortress and the demon army will need to fight them if they want to take it for themselves. Balto knows Sanatoria to be a traitor working with the elves to overthrow the Demon Lord. In fact, she used the Revenge Monkey tactic to preserve her army in the event she has to fight The Demon Lord.
Bloe, Balto's brother, was the Seventh Army General. He was killed in combat by Hero Julius. It's assumed that White, the Demon Lord's closest confidant and current general of the Tenth Army, allowed him to die since immediately after his death she herself one-shotted the Hero. Little is known about the Tenth Army that she commands.
The Sixth Army General was also a traitor and was killed in action. His opponent was the strongest human mage: Ronandt. The Demon Lord announces that she will be using the Fourth, Eighth, and Tenth armies to wipe out the elves, much to the dismay of Sanatoria and the Third Army Commander, Kogou, since they were both traitors working with the elves. She marches her troops to the elven village and prepares for battle.

Web Novel: Kumoko's Story LN 8 spoiler: In the web novel, Kumoko is aware that having a Ruler class influences her personality and thought process. The light novel version doesn't fully reveal this until the Demon Lord is talking to Sophia and mentions this.
I failed to mention this earlier but Kumoko talks with D on the phone and is granted the Immortality skill just before exiting the Labyrinth. This occurs far earlier in the web novel than it does in the light novel.
Kumoko talks with Güliedistodiez upon exiting the labyrinth. His conversation in the web novel is the same as the light novel, just a few chapters earlier. After talking to him, she makes it to the mountain and begins exploring, making sure not to overhunt the delicious monsters she comes across for fear of destroying the ecosystem. That's right. Unlike her light novel counterpart, WN Kumoko actually gets to eat a lot of delicious food the moment she leaves the Labyrinth. While scaling the mountain, she's attacked by a Wind Drake who is presumably the master of the mountain. She obliterates it and continues her journey to the sea.
Much to her disappointment, Kumoko finds out that her body is buoyant which means she can't go diving for seafood. Instead, she picks up fishing and begins catching and eating Water Drakes (read sharks). After fantasizing about finding a fishing village to ogle at muscular middle aged men, Kumoko considers destroying human settlements just for the experience points. Ultimately she decides it's better to wait for a subjugation party to be formed from the adventurers who attacked her in the Labyrinth and plans instead to travel the world. At the same time, she considers the fact that Güliedistodiez is practically checkmated. LN 10 spoiler She suspects that either he will die with the world since it's dying anyway or he'll "betray the woman he loves to save her".
While distracted, Kumoko mistakenly catches a Water Dragon. She releases it since she doesn't want to risk fighting more dragons and incurring the wrath of Güliedistodiez. After using Appraisal to search the sea and discovering that it's full of only Water Drakes and Water Dragons, she sets out to find a village. What's that? You think she's looking for a village with brave older men who risk the dangers of the sea for the sake of fishing just so she can ogle at them? I've no idea what you're talking about.
After failing to find any villages, Kumoko teleports back to her home in the Labyrinth and spends the night there. In the morning, she uses her skills to find a farming village further inland. Unlike the light novel, she can actually turn off her Intimidation skill (which leveled up to Tyrant in the web novel). That being said, our loveable spider uses this to her advantage and steals fruit from the village while they're asleep.
After securing some food, Kumoko settles on the side of the road to begin eating. LN 7 major spoiler She notes that the world has technology at about the level of the Middle Ages in Europe but states that this isn't surprising given that the world has been reset once already.As she's sitting there, she spots a carriage being attacked by bandits. She chooses to save the carriage and heal the wounded guard. Just before leaving, she notices that the baby in the carriage is a reincarnation, the first she has ever met. It's a vampire baby named Sophia Keren (original name Negishi Akiko).

Web Novel: Shun's Story The biggest difference from the light novel version is that any mention of Fei is removed. Shun's light drake doesn't learn the Humanification skill and is hardly mentioned as they go to meet the Labyrinth guide. When they're attacked by the Water Dragon, Shun uses Holy Light Magic to counter the Breathe attack that's unleashed. The group manages to make it into the Labyrinth mostly unscathed.
Shun has a dream about a mysterious woman who repeatedly says “Skill proficiency reached" and "Experience points have reached a certain degree.” He wakes up in a cold sweat much to the surprise of Basgath and Ms. Oka who are standing guard. Basgath states that it might be an omen and proudly recalls when he discovered the Nightmare of the Labyrinth. At this point it’s all but confirmed that the Nightmare is Kumoko given that its actions match with how she acted. It’s also revealed that she escaped from the Labyrinth more than 10 years ago, confirming that her story is asynchronous with the human’s. LN 5 major spoilers: According to him, the Nightmare went on a rampage outside the Labyrinth. It participated in a war between humans before being destroyed by a massive spell that was summoned by one of the armies. It hasn’t been seen since, but he suspects it’s still alive somewhere.
Basgath tells Shun not to become too over confident in his ability. He states that the Water Dragon only attacked them because Shun was foolish enough to Appraise it, thereby making it hostile. The guide believes Shun figures that everything will be alright in the end no matter what happens, so he doesn’t take enough precautions. The Hero realizes that his laidback nature is because he’s so used to living in peaceful Japan. This world is more dangerous than the one he came from and it’s time he acknowledges that.
After a bit more conversation, Basgath appraises Shun to find a source of his confidence. Shun in turn appraises Basgath and realizes that he’s actually more powerful than Hyrinth both in terms of stats and skills.

Afterthoughts The human side of the story is spread out much more between the Kumoko chapters. Things that happened on their side of the story in Light Novel 4 aren't mentioned until much further into Light Novel 5 material, so I'm ending the comparison here.
Light novel 4 is my second favourite. I love the journey of Kumoko outside and it's at this point I start getting into the human story more, too.
It seems that Katia's feelings for Shun aren't put on display as much in the web novel as they are in the light novel. Conversely, Kumoko actually shows interest in men in the web novel as opposed to the light novel where her desires for men can be summed up by "huh"?
Any interludes or side stories are completely missing from the web novel so far. This means we don't get to hear the Demon Lord's side of things nor do we get conversations between Sophia and the other members of her team.
I would like to mention how the web novel explains the Hero's party diving into the cave to enter the Labyrinth without running out of oxygen. This is a detail left out of the light novel. Ms. Oka gives the group items called wind balls to hold in their mouth that act as "micro oxygen cylinders", thereby removing the need to breathe. Unfortunately, crunching one of these balls will cause the compressed air (and the victim's head) to explode. Shun almost accidently bites into it when attacked by the Water Dragon.
The web novel mentions that the farming village is filled with people who appear to be a bit more tanned than Caucasians and that their technology is at the level of Medieval Europe. It was a bit surprising to read since the light novel only ever mentioned Japan and no other places on Earth.
I look forward to seeing you in the next post.
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2021.10.27 00:51 zeahlander97 I don’t know if this belongs here but..

So yesterday I had watched a movie and a kid was scared of the “red room” that he saw in his dream. The next movie I watched said “don’t go into the red room” then while today on Reddit I saw a post about a “red room”. I finally was like wtf and looked up meanings behind a red room and didn’t not like the explanations I’ve found. Am I psyching myself out for no reason or am I coincidentally seeing stuff about “red rooms” for a reason?
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2021.10.27 00:51 Isyaboimickel just to be safe....

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Here is the code: https://pastebin.com/9BpDn6k2
I set the program to shut down when the user puts something that isn't yes or y, but why isn't the quit() working in my code?
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2021.10.27 00:51 cubthemagiclion International students - did you ever renege an offer and the HR told your school and your school has some ridiculous policy that revoked your CPT?

Basically recently I have heard about the existence of such ridiculous anti-renege policy (not only for on campus interview but for everything that utilize CPT) However I wonder how will they find out if the student is doing it?? I guess the only possibility is the hr told the school … so here comes my question, did any of you or your friends actually experienced this before? And did the school actually cancel the CPT? If yes, how did the school find out?? Did some companies’ HR actually told the school about this??? If yes, can you share the name of such companies so that we know what companies to avoid?
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2021.10.27 00:51 Kolt_BBA If people learn martial arts like Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu to have better chances when involved in fights with average people, why is there no newer martial arts developed to fight people that know those martial arts?

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My computer will occasionally freeze when I play either RS3 or OSRS. It seems to only happen while I'm using the scroll wheel. It just happened a couple minutes ago while scrolling through reddit and I clicked back into the game and clicked the middle mouse wheel to rotate the camera and it froze. I've tried waiting a few minutes to see if it unfreezes or blue screens, but it didn't do either after waiting about 5 minutes. Runescape is the only game I play that causes my PC to freeze and it's starting to get annoying.
I don't think it has anything to do with my hardware as I have a gtx 1070 and an Intel i5-8600k. I play in windowed mode on the Steam client if that matters.
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It would be cool because they have similar content and humor
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2021.10.27 00:51 WrestleNova Braun Strowman announced for upcoming wrestling event

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2021.10.27 00:51 the4thAvenueCafe Streak 134: シャムシェイド

2~3日間ひっきりなしにシャムシェイドを聴いている。数年前、日本の友人と有名な日本のバンドについてしゃべった時、いつも彼らはシャムシェイドのことだと述べたよ。もちろん、シャムシェイドは「1/3の純情な感情」という彼らの6枚目のシングルと大ヒットだと知られている。1/3の純情な感情の他に、シャムシェイドは素晴らしいバンドで、彼らのディスコグラフィがとても印象的だし、遠藤一馬さんも天才のギタリストだと思う。スポティファイでシャムシェイドの曲を聴けるので、「SIAM SHADE II」のアルバムを聴いている。今までSIAM SHADE IIがすごくいい。間もなく、シャムシェイドの他のアルバムを聴くつもりだ。
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2021.10.27 00:51 squeeztaytits Who wants to no limit chat for this slut?

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2021.10.27 00:51 bobemil Fake World

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2021.10.27 00:51 Coffeesandcigars Started a brand new game to enjoy the new updates.

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2021.10.27 00:51 LumpsIsHigh T10 Krangle complete! 21k Phys damage taken, -30% Evade, 300 ES Degen, Rares = 6 Sim splinters, 45% Exp, Rares = 1 Krangle item

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2021.10.27 00:51 LegitCoder1 HODL

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2021.10.27 00:51 Vexagon_ First time pulling an auto for my own team (Padres), so this one is extra special. (NFS/NFT)

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2021.10.27 00:51 nbhu2kiiq ladies, how embarassing is this for a girl?

to have the absolute worst smelling feet when you take your shoes off. how would you prepare your significant other?
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