What is a coronavirus? - Elizabeth Cox - Ted Ed Video

2021.10.26 23:41 GaryGaulin What is a coronavirus? - Elizabeth Cox - Ted Ed Video

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2021.10.26 23:41 hedonova Bitcoin is recovering from lows faster each time.

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2021.10.26 23:41 ToxicLove3 Suggestions

Is there anything I can do to make me feel numb, emotionless?
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2021.10.26 23:41 Lochanside CONCUSSION HOME REMEDY (REAL)

okay guys trust me on this one i know how to cure head trauma, i read it on the internet. ok here we go:

  1. mix several jugs of bleach and ammonia in your bathtub
  2. you might start coughing and tearing up, but thats just a sign it's working
  3. you just fixed your head
hope this helps dick
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2021.10.26 23:41 yaytrade H: 150k Steel, W: offers

Please be civil and don't downvote me
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2021.10.26 23:41 dnabyun Looking to buy BSC on Crypto.com

Hello all, is it mandatory that you need to buy BSC instead of BNC? Or they are practically the same thing in order to use pancake swap?
So sorry if this sounds like a newbie question. It's my first time using pancake swap or getting something that's not from the exchange. Nervous about this process. LOL
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2021.10.26 23:41 TheRtHonLaqueesha The Wholesome Prison Experiment

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2021.10.26 23:41 hmmmmmOk8687 Here Are Some Resources To Help You Go To Confession

Like many people, I find getting the will and motivation to go to confession difficult, especially since I am not too experienced with it. These are resources to help you get prepared and in the right state of mind. This is far from a complete guide, but they have helped me and I hope they can help you.
Making a Good Confession -- A short and general guide to confession (video)
Confession is a Place of Victory -- Motivation/inspiration (video)
Scrupulosity and Confession -- For those battling scrupulosity (video)
Examinations of Conscience -- For knowing what to confess
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2021.10.26 23:41 -en- @BBCWorld: Moldova: Russia threatens gas supply in Europe's poorest state https://t.co/5dZ6knIiwb

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2021.10.26 23:41 Muzman20 This girl wants to FaceTime me

So this girl and I have been going back and forth DMing each other, and she wants to FaceTime. I think I may have caught feelings for her. I’m more on the introverted side of things and I kinda have struggles stringing together sentences. I really would like to FaceTime her but I think I might embarrass myself with my awkwardness. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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2021.10.26 23:41 skinnyfromthenine

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2021.10.26 23:41 math_is_my_religion Pay an extra $20? Yes, please!

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2021.10.26 23:41 GodsForbiddenForm August 18th, 1920 was an American tragedy

Boys go to college to get more knowledge. Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider. The ancient words have been recited.
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2021.10.26 23:41 disablethefable Mark Zuckerberg has a neighbor that probably wasn’t happy to find out Mark Zuckerberg was his neighbor

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2021.10.26 23:41 6null9 TPM 2.0 and SecureBoot EUFI enabled

I still get the valorant error "VAN 1067" and completely lost on what to do.
I run 5700XT GPU
3600X CPU
TPM 2.0 enabled
SecureBoot UEFI on
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2021.10.26 23:41 mattman7x Help me plan a cycle.

I’m 29 male, used to be in shape, let myself go during pandemic. I’m now about 40 pounds over my ideal weight, 180.
I’m looking for recommendations on a cycle to help me jump start this process and keep me motivated to see the results.
Any input is greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.26 23:41 basedetails Looking for others with Inclusion Body Myopathy Type 2/GNE Myopathy/Nonaka Myopathy

Extremely rare (orphaned) subset of muscular dystrophy, diagnosed by thigh biopsy and gene testing. It took seven years to get a diagnosis, but the symptoms are muscle weakness in the limbs, drop foot, loss of coordination in hands, muscle pain and tiredness. I'm registered on the official GNE Myopathy page, but according to that, there are only six other patients in north America. :-(
I'm just trying to feel less alone. I've been able to get support from chronicpain and muscular dystrophy but it would be nice not to feel like such a unicorn....
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2021.10.26 23:41 Magic_Guardian Gacha online collection (if any of these aren’t cringe I’ll remove them)

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2021.10.26 23:41 Dear-Pin-9516 https://discord.gg/DHn6UM6yEC

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2021.10.26 23:41 Specialist_Big7710 Lost a Friend, Want them Back

I lost a friend earlier this year due to a small fight we had and you may think I’m crazy for wanting them back after reading this but I can’t help it.
Lots of backstory going into this one so I thank you in advance for reading and your input if you supply a response. It is long.
Last year when Covid started, my real life friends and I were playing a lot of video games since there wasnt much else to do and I was not working at the time. That got old pretty quick, and while I continued to play games, my friends didnt really feel like putting in as much time as I did and that was understandable (this post doesnt concern the loss of these friends but I will get into it). Anyway, I was playing a lot of games and one day I got a message in Discord from some girl asking me to help her figure out how to use a spamming bot on Discord and I figured I would try because I had nothing else to do. I didnt manage to figure it out but after talking to her for a few weeks, she decided to invite me to her server. The server had maybe 100 people in it and it was kind of active and mostly just shitposting and memes which was fun. I wouldnt say much in that server initially but I did get along with people and they seemed to enjoy me being there whenever I would say some stupid crap. This was in July of last year.
Over the next few months the server started to grow as the main girl was posting some TikTok videos for gamer boys that brought in a lot of attention but the type of people it brought were pretty crazy most of the time. There were some annoying people that joined and kind of made me question being there so one day I left the server and the next day I get a message from a different girl (subject of story) that actually reached out and asked me to come back. She had said the person that I complained about was someone that she didnt really like either because she had a previous history with that person in another server she was in with most of the people from this server and we bonded over our dislike for this person. As the server started to grow, this person and I would talk on occasion but nothing too serious, though we had each other backs if something went down. Kids from that other server she came from would attempt to join our server and spam her nude photos and harass her and I would try my best to prevent that from happening. Around December I noticed that she wasnt around much and I reached out to make sure she was ok and she just said that she was busy with exams and that she had a boyfriend but she thought it was a nice gesture that I reached out.
Because I had talked to these people more than my real life friends for a good period of time during lockdown, I had ended up getting gifts for a few people in the server for Christmas which was just some Amazon gift cards or Nitro (about 5 people even the guy I didnt like just because I didnt want there to be some animosity between us). She was obviously one of the people I got a gift for and when she woke up the next morning she said she was crying because I was the only person that had gotten her a gift and that it really meant a lot to her. Even her own family didnt get her anything because it was up to her abusive step father (her interpretation) to get gifts for the family and according to her, he did not like her. I felt this to be kind of true because she was not allowed to user her phone in her room past a certain time, he would turn off the power in her room etc. and one time we were on a call and he came in yelling at her because she didnt make him dinner when she was busy doing school work etc). Its possible she did some stuff in the past which make him act this way towards her but I don't have any evidence to assume anything other than how she made it seem to be. At this point I didnt have her added on any socials either, though she had asked before I just said I dont really use them too much and to just message me on Discord if she needed me but then I figured through socials that we could stay in touch once we grow out of Discord. From that moment we started talking a lot, pretty much all day every day first/last message of the day kind of thing. I knew my position in this though so I wasnt trying to date her and I dont do e-dating because its weird, but I live in NA and shes in Europe, so that wasnt realistic to me but I did think she was pretty cool and I did like talking to her and hanging out. We shared a lot of personal stuff and it got to the point where my brain wouldnt let me sleep full nights as it expected messages from her at 4-5 AM, so it became a part of my daily routine. I even lost 30 pounds from stress around this.
As we began to talk a lot I started to help her with school because she wasnt very intelligent, nor did she have any ambition to try but with that her dad would get mad at her for doing poorly, so I figured Id help her out because it was stressing her that she couldnt do anything that she was being assigned. We would sit on calls and I would do online assignments and exams with her and would get about 100% on all of them to help boost her marks. I know this isnt the best thing to do but at the time it felt right to help my friend. Id even wake up at 4/5am for some of these exams and sit through the night while she would sleep, trying to educate myself on whatever assignments she had to finish. Next, I had gotten her something for her birthday and again she was super thankful for it, saying she would always remember it. On her birthday her real life friends were supposed to show up at her house and she hadnt seen them in months due to the pandemic (she lives in a rural part of her country so travelling is extra). Her friends did show up but made her wait a few hours after they said they would, and I kept her company the entire time until they did show up, while I was out at my other friends house. I will also say when we started talking and up until this point we had talked about meeting one day which I thought would be pretty cool and it was definitely doable. There is an age gap Im 26, shes 19 but I will tell you apart from that gift thing at Christmas, (which wasnt meant to be a way in, I had told her I just thought she was a good friend and I hope she has a good Christmas and even though we probably wont ever meet thanks for being cool with me), she started hitting on me, sending me pics (which I never asked for), saying she wanted to live with me etc. I obviously took most of that with a grain of salt because as I mentioned there is a geographic barrier and she was always saying she wanted a boyfriend so I figured I wont be the priority anyway when that happens, but still meeting or something would still be cool because we got on pretty well. Even before the gift she had hit on me saying I was attractive from some picture I showed her, but for 6 months prior to us talking a lot, it didnt seem like she was trying to get anything out of me and she always had my back. When we did start talking a lot, there was a time when that guy we both hated tried to bribe me with nude pictures of her and I told her and she seemed happy that I didnt take him up on that offer.
Looking back, she was always needy for attention, posting thirst traps for all the boys in the server to give her attention or saying some pretty crazy stuff just so people would notice her. Anyway around the time of her birthday the main girl that started the server deleted it due to people trying to dox her or ruin her life and she was stressed and we all understood. I figured the server would come back because she had deleted it multiple times before. My friend ended up finding another server pretty quick and at that point she just stopped messaging me completely out of nowhere and I thought it was a bit strange because she was still on all the time and I tried to ask her what was up but her responses to my messages just avoided whatever I asked. Had she just replied with an answer to any questions I asked her I probably wouldn't have joined the server. I soon found out through a mutual friend that she invited most people from the old server we were in to this new server but didnt include me which was strange to me because she invited people that we would say were weird and that we didnt even like. Eventually she put the discord link in her bio one day and I didnt join right away but eventually I did since some guy we both said we hated got an invite from her, so that really messed with me. I decided to join (maybe not the right move) but I was curious and apparently she just joined this place and within a day started e-dating some guy. Now really that part didnt bother me but she just shut me out completely without even saying anything and I just thought like I was kicked to the curb. We talked after that since she saw me in the server and she said she was really sorry and felt it was shitty that she did that but she hoped we could still be friends and I agreed that I'd still like to be friends. Within 2 weeks, she broke up with that e-boyfriend because he ghosted her after his friend died and his sister tried to kill herself (selfish on my friends part if you ask me, but he also managed to get all of her passwords for her socials so he was super controlling). Anyway after that she said she was going to cry on her way down to school (long bus ride) and we started talking in some other server she ended up inviting me to. A new guy joined and she started hitting him up while I was in VC with the new guy and he didnt know she and I talked a lot before but he was reading all the stuff she was saying and it sounded exactly like all of the things she said to me (wanting to meet, I was attractive etc). I thought it was weird, though I didnt mention it to her at the time, I reached out to a mutual friend we had from the original server and I asked what he thought. He told me that she said the same stuff to this guy as well, knowing he had a girlfriend already. He also told me that she said she tries to get guys to fall for her and then she leaves and that kind of struck a nerve with me because it really sounded like the situation I found myself in. Anyway a week goes by and she is kind of messaging me once in a while but not back to the way it was, while still on Discord all the time talking to new friends that she is making and thats whatever, I cant really be mad at that, however she finds another server and tells me that theyre all just calling her a whore and other names because of her body count (which she posted in multiple different servers all at the same time asking if it was high) and she has a profile picture that is a thirst trap. I just tell her she should probably just leave then because it sounds like some other server she was in (where she fought with that guy that tried to send me pictures of her) before I met her which had little kids in it that she told me would say the same stuff to her and call her a pedo whore because she sent nudes to one of them. Even in the server we were in together she would tell us sometimes that the old group of kids would find her and then start spamming her nude pictures in a group chat and she would cry or even join our server through the other girls Tiktoks and spam her nudes in the server. She had told me that the kids (minors) lied about their age but I ended up finding out that was false after the fact, she knew and just didnt care and was sexting them. I knew that all she cared about was the attention she was getting so whatever they said to her wasnt going to phase her.
Anyway this new server she joined was full of underage kids again which I found out afterwards because another mutual friend that was in the original server was already in this new server she was in, which she didnt know about because it was a server with a Disboard link and he mentioned to me that she was in it but he hardly ever talked so she didnt notice. At the time I didnt ask for an invite but I admit I did ask my friend to keep me updated if anything crazy happened because of how the situation was playing out. At this time again she completely stops talking to me pretty much after telling me shes not really talking to internet people as much anymore, which I wouldve understood where she was coming from if that were true, but I just decided to not get upset about it and give her space and not message back or just give shitty responses. One time she bought Instagram followers and then tried to tell me "omg look how many followers I got overnight" and I just said I dont care. Then I get a message where she says someone called her a pick me girl because of something she said and I just laughed saying "oh cool hope youre having fun in there" and she just said "oh I left that place." I replied asking if she wanted to talk later and she said sounds good. We get on a call later that night, and I knew she didnt leave the server since my friend told me but I just was blunt in the conversation and asked about what she had said to my other friend about trying to get guys to fall for her and then leaving and she said thats not how she said it, she said she feels like people do and she cant help it when she leaves it just kind of happens and I took her side because I had known her for quite a long time and my friend didnt have the message in his inbox but the way she answered the question verifies that she said something along those lines. Then I said "you didnt actually leave that place right", and I just said it based on her Discord status because it said something about suckin dick which she always did for attention. Then she said she just joined back and then she said she should probably go to bed since it was around 1am her time and she had school in the morning so I let her go. She then proceeded to stay on Discord until 8am her time and then went to class, so again I dont know why she was lying to me or just pushing me aside but I didnt call her out on that either I just left it since she gave me the time to talk when I asked for it. My friend was saying she was saying the same stuff to some of the little kids in this server 13-16 year olds. The main one she was thirsting for was 15 and she was sending him money trying to be his sugar momma and he would just say run me my money bitch and she would do it, saying she wanted to fuck him, move to wherever he was etc. and the other kids would tell her to send the kid nudes but in the chat she would always say no hes underaged so she cant do that, but I later found out that same day they were calling her a whore, within 10 minutes of meeting them she was already sending them nudes.
I decided to send a gift one day shortly after that conversationto say sorry for whatever I had said to her that mightve disrespected her because I felt bad about it and without putting my name on it she messaged me asking if I sent it to her and I replied saying of course and she knew because it was similar to another gift I had gotten her. I said can we talk later at 5pm her time and she said sounds good. I was working from home at this time so I allocated time to talk to her then. When the time came, she wasnt around so I messaged her and asked if we were still on and I didnt get a response, however she ended up being out at the shop with her mom which I knew was true and she couldnt get out of doing that so I wasnt upset but then about 30 minutes later she appears on Discord and Im waiting for a response. Another 30 minutes goes by (waited 1 hour at this point) and she finally responds to my message saying shes on facetime with her friend and shes crying and she would call me after and I ask my friend thats in the same server whats happening and he said the kids just spammed her to join VC and she decided to join them instead. Obviously my time didnt matter to her. So I ask her if her name is one of these two guys and she replies saying no its some girls name, who was also in the VC and then a few seconds later just said asked if I thought that was a bit weird that I know that and I just replied saying you gave me an hour to figure it out and didnt really think it was cool to be ditched out of the blue again, not to mention I was getting lied to in favour of some kids that she complained about to me before. Not only that but she never liked doing FaceTime and never did with girls especially, always had to be a guy and the fact that it was a random Discord girl and her response asking how I knew that proved she was lying. She then ghosts me for the rest of the night not calling back after she said she would and so that night I say I guess were not friends anymore in a longer message and when she wakes up she decides to message back and just says "oh if thats what you want ok, sorry I couldnt be there". I replied saying obviously that wasnt what I wanted and I was a bit frustrated but I was just a bit upset about what happened the previous night. I asked if we could talk this next day but then I figured she was probably drinking since she usually did that on Friday nights so I didnt want to waste her night, I asked if we could talk the Saturday. She said sure, however once saturday came she ghosted me up until 3am her time and just said she was busy after being on Discord all day. I told her she was being pretty shitty and fake and she didnt even open those messages and for a week I tried to get her attention and she finally told another mutual friend she was never talking to me again which I didnt think was fair at all, as I said I had been ditched around 3 times already within 2 days, but when she needed me to help her with stuff I was always on time. I said alright tell her whatever happens from here is her fault and I joined the server and told the kids all of the details of how she really is while she was in the chat at the time. I did not join the server before since it needed a phone connected to the account and I didnt want to use my main account since she wouldve known. The kids invited me to a voice call and I told her she was just using them for attention and she doesnt really like them, she was essentially a pedophile the year before and these kids told me that she was already sending them nudes 10 minutes within meeting them, as I stated earlier. Going back to that gift I sent her, she posted it in the server saying that someone sent her a gift but she has no idea who sent it after asking me if I did and then proceeded to say it was a shit gift because she didnt like one of the drinks I selected for it (was a candy box). I know she did this for attention and probably not something against me since this happened before she stopped talking to me but you can imagine why I would be pissed off about that. I also just exposed a lot more information like how she said she goes to the club and sucks off at least 3 different guys a night (her words). They kicked/banned her and stopped talking to her but then she somehow weasled her way back in and told them I was crazy and they believed her because she was sending them money and boobs. Then within a week or 2 she abandoned them as she got a boyfriend in real life and the kids said I proved them wrong since she did exactly what I told them she would do. They even called her a pedo whore before I had anything to do with this situation and she left the server at one point after telling them to stop. They begged her to come back and she did but she wouldnt even talk to me and abandoned me after all the stuff I helped her with and supported her when she was going through shit personally over stupid decisions she made or if her dad was treating her poorly.
There was even one guy in the original server that was liked by the owner, however he did not feel the same way about her. Knowing this, my friend talked to him behind her back and sent her nudes constantly even claiming that he was ugly and she didnt even like him. I didnt tell the first girl up until recently when she said she misses that guy and I told her this entire story. I was afraid that at the time if I told her they would fight and my friend asked me to keep it a secret.
Looking back on this, I dont know what happened. I dont know if I was being used or maybe I was acting crazy but from my perspective it definitely felt like I was being abandoned or replaced by some new friends she was making, which fair enough you can make new friends obviously but she just forgets people that actually gave a shit and I really tried to be a good friend to this person doing stuff that nobody else in her family or actual friend circle was seemingly willing to do and yet she just forgot about me out of nowhere and didnt think anything of it nor cared. The worst part about all of this is I still miss this friend, even though I know I shouldnt. I know everyone is just going to say forget about her she is shit and fair enough, but I still feel like I want to try to get her back into my life because we really seemed like good friends before any of this went down. I can admit that I probably got too attached to talking to them all the time but I dont think it was fair to be abandoned and lied to and talked about poorly behind my back.
Some other weird things she did that I witnessed were that the little kids posted a picture of her friend who is not very attractive and they were roasting her and my friend laughed with them. She told the kids she knew me in real life when I called her out on skipping. She also pretended not to know a certain phrase from some Tiktok video that she used to reference to me so that someone would correct her and give her attention. She sent me a picture of her suckin meat one time. Even with all the red flags I still feel like shit because of what I did and also feel that it’s all my fault. Some people may be wise and strong enough to just leave but she’s living in my head rent free.
What do you people think I should do because I do want to try to get them back but I dont have a lot of options. As you can imagine my phone number is blocked, they made a new Discord account, blocked me on Snapchat, privated Instagram etc. As bad as the situation seems it doesn’t feel it should’ve went this way and I can’t stop thinking about it.
Thanks strangers
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2021.10.26 23:41 lukecevans What is your ranking of the velvet underground’s albums?

Mine is:

  1. The Velvet Underground & Nico
  2. White Light/White Heat
  3. The Velvet Underground
  4. Loaded
I love all these albums so even though loaded is last I still thinks it’s fantastic.
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2021.10.26 23:41 bubblesthefishh On Halloween do trick-or-treaters go building to building in Manhattan?

I just moved here and came from the suburbs. Each year we would sit out on our porch and pass out candy to kids in our costumes. I would like to do that this year but I live in a walk up. Is that even a thing? I live on the UES.
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2021.10.26 23:41 groovyneess Raid on me Darkrai 15 min left 2803 1653 0563

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2021.10.26 23:41 zealsupport Dior Book Three-Tone Embroidery Tote ] - https://www.zealreplica.pl/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=Dior+Book+Three-Tone+Embroidery+Tote

Dior Book Three-Tone Embroidery Tote ] - https://www.zealreplica.pl/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=Dior+Book+Three-Tone+Embroidery+Tote submitted by zealsupport to zealreplica [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 23:41 babyfluence NEW! 🍜 Meals Token & *$500 Giveaway! 100% Organic Community x WolfPie

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