Breitbart: Biden’s Treasury Adds Counselor to Address Alleged ‘Systemic Racism’ in Economy

2021.10.27 00:59 reddit_feed_bot Breitbart: Biden’s Treasury Adds Counselor to Address Alleged ‘Systemic Racism’ in Economy

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2021.10.27 00:59 alltaire64 WE HIT 5!!!

We did it.!!!
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2021.10.27 00:59 Comfortable_Classic How The Liberals Actually Feel About Us. That sub also constantly bashes the conservatives, no overlap between there and here lately..

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2021.10.27 00:59 KaleBennett Looking Back on The Magical Turnabout

This case would've been way cooler if magic was real. From what I've seen, this is an extremely popular case, and is sometimes ranked alongside people's favorite cases of the series. Let's leave Khura'in and head to Gramarye Land while looking back on The Magical Turnabout.
History With This Case From my most recent memory, I thought this was a really great case, embracing the best aspects of its magic theme and one investigation-trial day structure, only ever feeling held back by some aspects that couldn't be fully developed.
This case will be judged by its characters, trial segment, and investigation segment. Character criticism will revolve around the character's personality, role in the story, and their actions throughout the case. Trial segment criticism will revolve around the enjoyability of the cross examinations, and quality of the story being told during that segment. Investigation segment criticism will revolve around the enjoyability of the general investigations, and quality of the story being told during that segment.
Court in now in session for the trial of The Magical Turnabout.
Characters Apollo Justice
Apollo's perfect. I really enjoyed his personality and how he works off of Athena and Trucy, him keeping Trucy happy using both his "I'm fine" method and Trucy's "keep smiling" method is really nice, I like how the case sets up his connection to Nahyuta, and there's something really impactful about how the case most connected to AJ, a game where Phoenix overshadowed Apollo, is the case where Phoenix puts all his trust into Apollo and by the end of the case considers him to be a full fledged ace attorney. This is my favorite appearance of Apollo's.
Athena Cykes
Athena's great. While I feel the jokes about her hurting Apollo could've been toned down a bit, this case managed to recapture a lot of what I loved about her and Apollo's dynamic in 5-2 and her personality in that case and 5-DLC, and like in DD, she feels like Apollo's partner rather than his assistant.
Trucy Wright
Trucy's fantastic. This case made the magic side of her character more fun than DD did, and I really like how it implements it into the case, both by having the murder seemingly be the result of her magic trick, and in the form of her testimony where she breaks down the sword trick.
I think bringing back Troupe Gramarye was a good move since despite most of the members doing terrible things, I think Trucy would be the kind of person to put a positive spin on a negative event given how well she managed to keep her composure during hard events in AJ and DD. This case might've actually made her appearance in DD a bit better, as in 5-5, she managed to keep people happy with her magic depsite being held hostage, making her signs of stress in this case and overcoming that stress feel more impactful as rather than being a tool for emotional manipulation by being a hostage, she's the one being emotionally manipulated by Nahyuta and the gallery by being the defendant.
My only issue would be that I feel the ending joke was a bit too mean spirited for her considering she just came out of a case involving a murder by magic, and she's now willing to make Apollo her new partner in a trick when the victim of the case was her original partner.
Bonny de Famme
Bonny's great. While I feel her development about being brave like Trucy could've had better buildup, I like her shy personality both its own and by how it works off of Betty.
Roger Retinz
Roger's perfect. He's a really fun character with the ways he obviously and subtly flaunts his success and status, along with him breaking character when handing people his business card, interacting with Betty in secret, and revealing himself as Mr. Reus.
I really like his ties to Troupe Gramarye and that Manov's murder was just a tool to ruin Trucy, the last Gramarye, taking down the daughter of the magician that deemed him unworthy with a self-proclaimed better magic trick by pulling people's attention away from how Manov died, making him feel partially victorious by the end of the case despite his trick being revealed and him going to jail. He's my favorite character in this case.
Ema Skye
Ema's great. While I feel her passion for science was better represented in AJ, I like how she's developed from that game, both in her reunion with Apollo and her going from a decetive to a certified forensics expert like she always wanted to be.
Manov Mistree
He dead.
Phoenix Wright
How'd they fit an ace attorney, Phoenix Wright into a tiny phone? Now that's magic.
Nahyuta Sahdmadhi
Nahyuta's great. The religious and foreign aspects of his personality didn't really interest me, but I like how his relationship with Apollo is set up, and the scene of him turning the gallery against Trucy is really cool and helps showcase how the biases of Khura'in can also affect foreign courts simply by using similar methods, as if the issues with Khura'in's legal system could end up hurting other countries' systems as well if not addressed, furthering developing the kingdom without taking place there simply by having a character do his job in his own ideal way.
The Great Beardini
The Judge is okay. He's gone back to feeling like a pretty standard Judge, but I feel it's the most disappointing here given how incredible Khura'in's Judge was. He's my least favorite character in this case.
Betty de Famme
Betty's perfect. Much like Bonny, her dynamic with her sister is great, and I like her more antagonistic personality more than Bonny's. I really enjoy how she was plotting with Roger to get revenge on Trucy and how her being Bonny's twin ties into it, and she gets some small but meaningful development when she realizes she was used as a tool for murder.
This is a really great cast. Every character except one is at the very least great, and most of the characters' issues can be seen as simply not utilizing their fullest potential, but the ways they do utilize their potential can be series-topping at times, with some of the returning characters salvaging negative aspects of previous cases.
Investigation - Day 1 Investigation
This is a perfect investigation. This game is finally doing what I wanted DD to do: give us more than two locations to investigate. The combination of the 3D investigation system from DD, the ability to examine any environment from the first four games, and the cool locations like the stage and backroom make investigating incredibly fun and engaging.
The gaps in gameplay and tutorials didn't feel like an issue, and some of my issues with DD's tutorials were resolved, like the investigation system tutorial being optional, and the tutorial-only perceiving section being overshadowed by a later perceiving section, and I like that forensic science is back in the form of the fingerprint dusting, and this is my fingerprint system in the series, as even when I can't find fingerprints quickly, it's just satisfying to cover a spot in powder and blow it all away, getting one step closer to my destination.
This is a perfect first chapter. Like the previous case, despite being a two hour long opening segment, the information provided here didn't feel overwhelming like it did in a case like I2-5. Learning about Trucy's new show, the circumstances around the murder, Roger's control over the show and Trucy and how he seemingly got it, and so on is really engaging, and I really like the focus on Trucy's magician career and the connections to Troupe Gramarye. Ema's return and reunion with Apollo is really cool, I like the setup for the new prosecutor and Apollo knowing who he is, and Trucy's breakdown and Phoenix's phone call with Apollo are really impactful events. I have no issues here.
This is a perfect opening segment. This segment feels like a seamless combination of two different investigation segments, but designed in a way that works in the context of one period of time. The gameplay is a major improvement from DD and a great alternative to the DS games, and the character and story events that take place here are incredible, some as standalone events and others as beginnings to later events.
Trial - Day 1 Cross Examinations
These are fantastic cross examinations. While I feel the gaps in gameplay did somewhat hurt the experience, I also think the game did a nice job filling some of those gaps with minor player input. Plus, the additions of the Mood Matrix, the revisualization, and the length of the segment meaning more cross examinations and contradictions means more opportunities for fun and engaging gameplay.
This is a great final chapter. Unlike the first segment, I feel a split trial would've been beneficial given how many new events and revelations occur here, and I feel the ending was a bit too mean spirited towards Apollo, but the revelations about the true events of the murder are still impactful, and the reveals of Bonny having a twin and Roger being Mr. Reus, along with Trucy's cross examination, Nahyuta controlling the gallery, Roger's self-proclaimed victory by tricking the last Gramarye, Nahyuta and Apollo's final interaction, and Phoenix's second phone call congratulating Apollo and declaring him a full fledged lawyer are great.
This is a really great final segment. While the long timeframe was somewhat of a negative unlike the first segment, I'm glad the segment still managed to fill the time with engaging contradictions and impactful story events, making this a more than satisfying second half.
How I Would Improve If I were to try and improve this case while retaining most of its original identity, I would make two changes.

  1. I would make the Judge better. Passable judges are nothing new, but Khura'in's Judge was incredible both personality and storywise. Khura'in's Judge managed to leave a great first impression by being a funny and charming character, but he was made better by how his perspective on the legal system contrasted and developed with Phoenix's foreign mindset.
We've had judges with better personalities before, so if I were to make him better storywise, l would've done something equivalent to the last case by giving him more meaningful reactions to Nahyuta's methods, like having him react more to Nahyuta abusing the defense and turning the gallery against Trucy, leading to him threatening to penalize Nahyuta and remove him from the courtroom, further developing the themes of Khura'in's corruption much like the last case did, even giving Nahyuta some more value as a character in the form of how he reacts to it.
  1. I would split the trial segment in half. I feel a split would help to make all the revelations and events more digestable, as well as to further cover up the gaps in gameplay as beginnings and endings are a lot easier to accept as less intense on a player due to the sense of rise and fall.
I feel splitting the trial before Trucy's cross examination makes the most sense, as the reveal of Bonny and Betty being twins and the Judge calling for a recess feel like they can work both as a conclusion to a segment and as buildup to the rest of the case.
Final Verdict This is a really great case. This case does have its issues, like the lackluster Judge appearance, the slightly too long trial segment, and once again, a majority of the characters not feeling 100% realized, but I think this case has managed to do something I haven't seen a lot of cases do: salvage parts of previous cases and games.
The gameplay system is basically the same as DD's, but just having the option to examine any environment and getting more environments to examine makes me prefer this single investigation over every investigation from that game.
Apollo was overshadowed by Phoenix in debut game, but this case not only appreciates AJ more than DD by making Troupe Gramarye the focus whereas DD occasionally referenced Phoenix's disbarment, but Apollo being overshadowed makes Phoenix putting his faith in him and calling him a true ace attorney even more powerful of a moment than it would've been if 4-4 was more of Apollo's victory.
In DD, Trucy left so little of an impression that if she had been scrapped from more than half the cases, my opinion of her and the game itself would've been the same. But this game took her role as a hostage keeping other hostages happy with magic in 5-5 and made it feel almost like foreshadowing to the emotional abuse and stress she has to deal with in this case and the ways she tries to cope with it.
Out of all the cases I've replayed so far, this case feels the most like it recognizes the negative aspects of previous cases, and is making them positive aspects of this case, all while still delivering a charming, emotional, funny, and engaging case at its core.
Again, this case could've been better; something as simple as splitting the trial segment in two or making the Judge consistently funny would've been enough for me to call this case fantastic. But considering the only non-opening/finale case to rank higher than this one is 3-4, this case still feels like a major accomplishment when I view it both as a fan of AA, and as someone whose future career path and style of storytelling and directing has been defined and refined by this series.
I love this case.
8.9027777778/10, it's going between I2-5 and 3-1.
Case Rankings
4-1 (9.4583333334/10)
1-4 (9.275/10)
3-4 (9.1428571429/10)
3-5 (9.0714285715/10)
2-4 (9.0479166667/10)
I2-5 (8.9131578948/10)
6-2 (8.9027777778/10)
3-1 (8.7916666667/10)
I-5 (8.6818181818/10)
I-1 (8.625/10)
I2-1 (8.625/10)
5-5 (8.4833333334/10)
2-2 (8.4166666667/10)
6-1 (8.4166666667/10)
3-2 (8.3833333334/10)
1-3 (8.2916666667/10)
1-5 (8.2/10)
I-4 (8.1875/10)
5-DLC (8.1666666667/10)
I2-3 (8.1507936508/10)
I2-2 (8.0865384616/10)
I2-4 (8.0833333333/10)
5-2 (8.0625/10)
4-2 (7.9423076923/10)
1-2 (7.825/10)
4-3 (7.6/10)
I-2 (7.5833333334/10)
2-3 (7.575/10)
I-3 (7.5/10)
5-4 (7.3875/10)
5-1 (7.2321428572/10)
4-4 (6.9642857143/10)
5-3 (6.8333333334/10)
1-1 (6.8333333334/10)
3-3 (6.4416666667/10)
2-1 (6.2321428572/10)
Previous (6-1)
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2021.10.27 00:59 the-4th-survivor Why exactly are WWE having to replace CFO$'s entrance themes?

I'm aware of the issue between CFO$ and their publisher but I don't know what that has to do with WWE. Are they legally forced to replace the themes? Would they have to pay a fee to continue using themes made by CFO$?
The reason I'm asking is because the theme songs they made were great and so far not a single one of the replacements has even come close.
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2021.10.27 00:59 NaNi-BakA How many more restocks of celebration do you think we got?

I want to open my last ETB I got today but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get another one in time. What do you guys think ?
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2021.10.27 00:59 Baatlesheep Thanks Zardy I really needed that today (the game is on roblox it’s called a funky fnf roleplay)

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2021.10.27 00:59 Double_Stuffed_Boi Storm 4 UI basic questions

I just got the game and am having trouble figuring out what different things on the health bars of each character mean. I get that green is health, blue is chakra, and the 4 bars are substitutions. What i dont get yet:
-What is the yellow circular symbol on the chakra bar? -what is the reddish orange bar next to the subs with 3 fire symbols in it? -how do you tell when someone’s guard is about to break? From the vids I’ve seen it sounds like people can see it somewhere but I’m not sure.
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