My current shelf display :) btw that’s a base set 2 zard in the hidden fates tin 🙌

2021.10.26 23:48 whodoesntlikehash My current shelf display :) btw that’s a base set 2 zard in the hidden fates tin 🙌

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2021.10.26 23:48 MMayhem001 So excited for the new update, I wanna cook with my villagers!

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2021.10.26 23:48 WeekndVisionary LF Hoopa to fill out my Dex.

I don't need to keep it and will trade back unless you don't care. I just want to finish my national dex. Hoopa is the only one stopping me.
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2021.10.26 23:48 coggler_again Happy power outage, yall

Stay safe out there ✌️
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2021.10.26 23:48 Floorsbydayne Before and after new carpet

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2021.10.26 23:48 ahaseeb04 Beast of a machine

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2021.10.26 23:48 Liberalguy123 [POSITIVE] for /u/tacochemic [buyer]

Very responsive and quick payment. Would be happy to do business with again!
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2021.10.26 23:48 jobsinanywhere Gas prices on the rise in Tucson – Tucson, Arizona

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2021.10.26 23:48 loveumurphy [Amazon] 30% Off InnoView 14 Inch Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor $265.99 [Code: 30VRAEXJ ]

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2021.10.26 23:48 MangoFool What's the dream personality/born with it skillset for each role in a production?

Like director, development exec, DP, EP, producer etc.
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2021.10.26 23:48 Shibafy [Academic] Grocery Store Online & Mobile Ordering Survey (All welcome)

As many of you may already be familiar with, mobile & online ordering has dramatically increased with most grocery stores in the last 2 years. For my final project in one of my college classes, I am conducting and analyzing consumer attitudes, experiences, and preferences with regards to online & mobile grocery ordering services when compared with in-person grocery shopping habits.
I am in desperate need of raw data and am asking your assistance. Would you please take 5 minutes and fill out my survey?
Thank You!
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2021.10.26 23:48 Longjumping-Device70 Our father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from demons.
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2021.10.26 23:48 Kulla5 About Clockwerk

I love this series incredibly, and I've played it to utter death, so when thinking about the story, some nagging things do start to pop up. Obviously, we can talk about things that are small albeit important, such as the pasts of Bentley and Murray, being that Sly's past is always the focus, but I suppose (being orphans and all from non famous families) that their pasts do not matter as much, which makes sense. But by far the thing in this series that gives me the most questions is none other than Clockwerk himself. As a disclaimer, I realize that a major part of his character for many is actually the lack of these details, as they make him more mysterious and threatening as a result, so I am saying I understand before anyone else tells me, but these are still interesting questions (in my opinion) nonetheless.
Firstly, how was he a master thief? He was a gigantic owl, I would find it very hard to be stealthy like that. Honestly, I would find Clockwerk being a master thief way more impressive than any member of the Cooper Clan, given how unlikely it is. OR maybe he was a bad one given his huge size and envied the Cooper Clan because of that? It would be cool to know why exactly he grew envious of the clan, and why he was unable to keep up himself.
Secondly, if Thieves in Time is anything to go by, Clockwerk has been around since the very first Cooper. At what point in time did he decide to go full robotic? It couldn't have been during Bob's time because there was no such technology. How long was he mortal before his transformation then? Or did he somehow find the technology ALL the way back then to turn himself into a robot? Was Bob the one who sparked his jealousy of the Cooper Clan? Or was it a later Cooper who made him frustrated at his constant inferiority? If it was Bob, I find it hard to suspend my disbelief that being an inferior egg thief of all things would make him jealous enough to become IMMORTAL and wait for each Cooper to have kids so he can kill the parents and cycle this throughout time. And if Thieves in Time is NOT anything to go by, that still leaves the question of who exactly in the Cooper ancestry sparked this rage in Clockwerk, or if it was a joint effort by numerous ancestors.
This brings me into my next point: why did Clockwerk keep the Coopers alive? If his encounter with Sly was anything to go by, his jealousy forced him to keep the Coopers alive until they were old enough so he could fight them. Every single Cooper has boatloads of stories of the thievery they have accomplished, and what skills made them a master thief. Was it just to fuel his rage further? Make his opponents more competent to fully exert his superiority? I guess the point of his character was to be so ridiculously over the top that you just had to suspend your disbelief, because the kind of hatred to enslave yourself to immortal killings of a rival family line is just impossible to imagine. Did the Coopers constantly humiliate him in front of the world somehow? Is that when he decided to kill them? Or was it all part of his game like I previously mentioned? We have no idea.
From the way its described, and for what happened to Sly's dad, the game infers that Clockwerk eventually hunts down the Coopers and kills them. Of course, we all know that Sly went to fight Clockwerk himself. Did any other Cooper attempt this? I find it very hard to believe that in thousands of years, Sly was the only one to actually go after him as opposed to the other way around. Speaking of Sly's dad (and this could apply to all the other ancestors), did he even know of Clockwerk? Sly wasn't aware as to who he was until he met Clockwerk face to face, piecing together his appearances in the Thievius Racconus. Could Clockwerk have somehow kept his identity secret from every single Cooper clan descendant, and that is why he was never defeated? Why would his dad not warn him if he was aware? Why would ANY Cooper, let alone Sly's dad, not try to fight Clockwerk and end the curse? Did they try and were unable to beat him due to his immortality? Sly was only able to beat him thanks to modern technology such as the jetpack he used and Carmelita's shock pistol. Even still, if they were unable to beat him, wouldn't he end up killing them? And if for whatever reason he decided to keep them alive, or they simply never challenged him, why keep such a dangerous thing a secret from your family when it has threatened your entire ancestry, and may very well threaten your descendants when you die? If there is a reason, we are not told it, which makes me assume that somehow, the Coopers simply did not see him coming. Even more concerning is that everyone that the Coopers had married, for example, Sly's mother (who, to my knowledge, is NEVER talked about or shown in ANY way) , married into the Cooper Family either accepting of the possibility of death at the hands of Clockwerk, or were simply not told, which is completely selfish.
The Fiendish Five was a group that worked together, but at the same time, they really didn't. Why did they all band together? For what goal? Was it really just stealing? How did Clockwerk meet them all and get them to work under him? How did he get them on board with killing Sly's parents? Maybe he promised them money, or maybe he intimidated them. Or MAYBE he promised them the skills from the Thievieus Racconus, to hone their skills as thieves by using the techniques of a clan who has mastered it. Did the other members of the 5 ALSO hate the Cooper Clan, or were they just listening to Clockwerk? Admittedly, the Sly franchise is a bit poor when it comes to character interactions outside of what takes place in the games, which is why Sly 3 does have a leg up in that none of the villains are in a gang or group working together as opposed to the Five or Klaww Gang. We don't know any of their relations together, or what jobs they have pulled, especially because the games show that they all have their own independent operations, so why even form a group in the first place? Did Clockwerk always form groups, just like the Coopers? Was the Five his first, or just a replacement as a byproduct of him outliving everyone?
I would also like to draw attention to Sly's dad's gang. Now, I do understand from a DEVELOPMENT standpoint that the reason Clockwerk was never at all mentioned in Honor Among Thieves was because they wanted to take the focus away from him for the 3rd and supposedly final game. But given the character they had created, one who made himself IMMORTAL to kill a rival's (who again, is not disclosed) descendants forever, it only makes sense that he play such an integral part in all the games. Did McSweeny and Dr. M know about Clockwerk? They obviously know that Sly's dad died, because Dr. M immediately jumped sail on the Cooper Vault. Did they know it was because of Clockwerk? Were they still a team at the time Sly's dad was killed? Or did they disband after Sly was born? It seems like Dr. M didn't care much given his OWN jealousy of the Cooper Clan, but what about McSweeny? How did he react? Also, was Clockwerk not aware of the Cooper Vault? This could just be developer oversight, as they probably had no idea that the Cooper Vault would be a thing way back in Sly 1, but Sly's dad told his partners that it existed, and Sly and his gang knows that it exists. If Clockwerk hated the Coopers so much, why not steal from the vault? It is full of their inheritance, and stealing from them would no doubt prove that he is a better thief. The Cooper Clan is notorious for their "stealing only from criminals" motto to exemplify their superiority at the art. Surely, Clockwerk knew of this, and knew that stealing from them would make him the better thief? I find it hard to believe that an immortal owl obssessed with the Cooper Clan had no idea that the vault existed, given that he easily lived long enough to witness hundreds of generations of the Cooper Clan accumulate wealth and store it in the vault.
Finally, in Thieves of Time, possibly the number one thing that kept coming to my head was, "wow, they literally are all going to die to Clockwerk when they go back to their time, but I suppose that's history." But the real question is: did Clockwerk ACTUALLY kill all of them? Considering he was immortal, he definitely could have told us, and I wouldn't be shocked if someone with that much jealousy even kept track, but did they all fall to his hands? What if they died to something else, be it sickness or what not? I suppose this one is not as important, but it is something to think about.
And there you have it. If you guys know any of the answers to these, and I somehow missed them, I would love to find out, and any speculation is encouraged. Given the state of the development of this franchise, answers to these questions may never come, so speculation may be all we have. And of course, feel free to ask your own questions that I may have missed. It is most certainly a lot, but I feel that there are so many unanswered questions that could make this seemingly shallow and one sided character so much more fleshed out, way beyond the simple terms of, "me jealous of guy, me turn immortal and brutally murder his whole lineage instead of just simply killing him. Sly wasn't kidding man, you REALLY have to think at just how absurdly massive that amount of hatred is.
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2021.10.26 23:48 ChatotAbby I wish for Nickelodeon to replace slime with a white fluid.

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2021.10.26 23:48 FluffyDare Famfrit idyllshire hopping tonight

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2021.10.26 23:48 the18thspy How often do you use Uber or other ridesharing services?

Friendly local uber driver asking out of curiosity since I like to profit off of you offer services around different college campuses.

But on a serious note I drove around UCSD today for about an hour + 45 minutes and picked up nothing at all. This was pretty surprising compared to all the local community colleges or schools like SDSU/CSUSM where theres almost always ride requests.
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2021.10.26 23:48 sickles_and_pickles bUT ChiNA IS a etHnOstaTE !!!11111111111!!!!1!1

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2021.10.26 23:48 onlydogontheleft Ben Shapiro Doesn't Understand Australia

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2021.10.26 23:48 jamisonf1 $OCGN, PHUN and my first ever Margin Call

$OCGN, PHUN and my first ever Margin Call Hello my fellow crayon eaters! My portfolio has seen some bad days, better days, and then there is today. Started today great, thousands in profit but I thought "this is only the beginning, I would be a fool to sell now." Little did I know, after a few trading halts and some untimely delays in news, I would lose every bit of profit I had this morning by market close tonight. Not to mention I yolo'd all of my margin on PHUN and am now stuck bagholding until it sees the light of day again. All of this combined has led me to my first margin call tonight and no better place to share my failures than WallStreetBets.

Early Morning

8 pm closing
I hope you apes enjoy a little loss porn, and ik the shit I will get for being on RH. No pun intended, this week has been no phun at all. I'm gonna smoke a blunt and eat my favorite blue crayons tonight, market better be greener tomorrow.
Position in Ocugen: 1300 shares, 12 spreads
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2021.10.26 23:48 pincopancolo Fate/stay night: UBW (v2) By FlameSpeedster #theme @themes3ds - Nintendo 3DS Themes / Badges / Splashes [NHZ ]

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2021.10.26 23:48 Ok-Lengthiness-8197 Should I YOLO $5000 into Shib?

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2021.10.26 23:48 MoMeNtZzU_ Now I just need Homa

Now I just need Homa prototype starglitter lvl 1 as a place holder, cause if i put my pjws or dm it will be non realistic.
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2021.10.26 23:48 Pen54321 Took the Mgram Test, got this for my relationship compatibility

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2021.10.26 23:48 godefroy28 Zapitti

i have been a long time plex fan as long as i can remember. but i am not happy with my nvidia shield. i have a very nice home theater but i feel like the shield a little underpowered. for all the resources i have spent on the theater i feel like i need something on a higher calibre of media player. then i heard zapitti. a french company that makes dedicated media player for high end hometheater. my prolem is i have a qnap which i dont have a problem with but zappiti doesnt support it to store movies on it. its only compatible with asustor synology and its own version of servers.
Is there any way i can install zappiti on my qnap server? its too late now to get a different server since i recebtly bought a 8 bay expansion for my 6 bay qnap server.
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2021.10.26 23:48 Chocomatt9 HUTbuilder Vs. HUTIQ

The last few seasons, the boys and I have shared our builds via HUTbuilder. I would love to continue using it, but the synergy situation has had me considering the switch to HUTIQ. Has there been any word from either service if they will address the tough task of being able to manipulate the syns on your roster? Cheers, and thanks for any help/ clarification.
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